A lost Cousin?

April 12, 2018

Dear Friends and Family members,

Being in Grand Rapids, I updated my list of people to visit yesterday morning. I wanted to visit e.g. the Protestant Reformed Schools. One of the schools that I had already in my database listed a Cindy VanderVeen in 1996. That reminded me of Jo & Ietse VanderVeen. My mother always mentioned them in that order, perhaps because she was a friend of Jo (sister of my Tante Annie of my Oom Roelof — I am named after both Roelof Anne) but Ietse was her cousin, an uncle of Jaap (Jack) VanderVeen. I found in a directory of PR members a Cynthia, married to Ralph VanderVeen. I thought they would likely know something about Jo & Ietse, whom I visited, I think, in 1981.

I had forgotten all about that when I ended up in Hudsonville in the evening, tried to visit two people in that area, and realizing it was getting too late to do another regular visit, I scrolled down the list and saw the VanderVeens. I thought that it ws perhaps the right time to do that.

At this time I do not have too much time left to write about the very nice visit (I hope to add some colour to the story later) but the short end is that Ralph was their second youngest. We had a good time and I got some pictures to share.

Ralph van Jo & Ietse Van der Veen en Roelof van Kas & Tinie Janssen


Opoe Sturing's zuster & de Vader van Ietse Van der Veen


I hope you enjoy them!




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