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The complete text on 48 8x10.25" full color pages!

A little wooden shoe is found floating on the water, and suddenly Henry’s guilty little secret has stirred up the whole village. If only he had told his father! Now the miller, the policeman, the mayor, and the whole village are involved. Henry’s whole world seems to be pointing the finger of shame at him. But the mayor, the policeman, and the miller and his wife have a little secret of their own. A day of shame is turned into a day of celebration!


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The series

“Stories Children Love”

for boys and girls 4 to 10 years old.

The 21 ever popular “little Van de Hulst books”

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Read them to your 3-5 year olds! When they are 6 or 7 they will likely read them for themselves. When they are 9 or older they will likely read them to their younger siblings, nephews, and nieces.

Before they were reprinted, two Christian Schools pre-sold together about 450 sets of all 21 books. Most of these parents had grown up with the earlier editions of about 1965 and 1978.

A child still loves a story — about a cat that ran away, about a hungry dog waiting for some scraps of meat outside a butcher shop, about an abandoned doll lying in the rain.

Each animal, each toy, has its own story. And your child wants to hear that story.

W.G. Van de Hulst was a master storyteller. He knew children. And he wrote stories children love.

Children have long been enthralled with his tales. That’s why more than three million books in this series have been sold in Europe.

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SET OF 7 SCL15-21 (REG. 56.65) - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 7 SCL15-21 VDHULST - US$ 41.35

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To help the reader in a task which is not at all easy — for much beauty is lost through thoughtless reading — the author suggests slow reading in a natural tone of voice, with careful attention to emphasis. The reader must enjoy the story with the child. To taste the full pleasure of reading to a child, the two must roam together hand in hand as it were, through the wonderland of make-believe.


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The complete text on 48 full colour pages of 8" x 10.25"!


BOOK US$ 17.90

All Audio / Video Books are read by Amelie Rook (nee Viersen)


SCL01 LITTLE WOODEN SHOE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136019 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL01 LITTLE WOODEN SHOE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136019 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL01 LITTLE WOODEN SHOE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136019 - US$ 5.98


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V-BK SCL (and number) Downloadable Video Book

CD = 1 individual CD

CD21 = set of 21 individual CDs



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DVD21 SET OF 21 SCL-VDHULST VIDEO BOOKS set of 21 individual DVDs with each one MP4 file

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To go to Grandmother’s house, Bob, Betsy, and Benjamin have to go through the woods. In the woods there are unseen eyes on the three children — the eyes of the jolly baker, who pulls a trick on them, the eyes of a little bird, which they trap in their basket, and the eyes of a scary old woman, whom they take to be a wicked witch. The children get caught in the woods during a frightful thunderstorm, and they find out about another set of eyes.

BOOK 9781928136026 - US$ 6.95

* * *



A-bk SCL02 THROUGH THE THUNDERSTORM - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136026 - US$ 5.98


* * *

SCL03 BRUNO THE BEAR - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136033 Bruno, Rosie’s teddy bear, becomes separated from his sick little owner through the thoughtless hi-jinks of Rosie’s two rowdy brothers, Jimmy and Joe. Bruno has been endowed with an eye that twinkles merrily with a happy secret. Jimmy and Joe have a secret too, but it isn’t a happy one: it keeps them awake at night. In their quest to restore their little sister’s happiness, the boys discover that they cannot keep their guilty secret to themselves. What is it that finally puts Rosie and Bruno, the boys and their parents, Bruno and his twinkle back together again?

BOOK 9781928136033 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL03 BRUNO THE BEAR - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136033 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL03 BRUNO THE BEAR - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136033 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL03 BRUNO THE BEAR - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136033 - US$ 5.98


VBK 9781928136033 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL04 BASKET - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136040

Mother told Julie, Tessa, and Dicky which road to take home from Grandmother’s house. But the three children thought they knew a better way, and they got lost in a strange forest guarded by a fierce dog. Grandmother had told Julie, Tessa, and Dicky not to open the big basket with the wonderful gift inside. But the three children just couldn’t resist taking a peek, and suddenly they lost something very precious. Out of their fear and confusion came an undeserved happiness. Is it a miracle, or are we just seeing double?

BOOK 9781928136040 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL04 BASKET - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136040 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL04 BASKET - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136040 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL04 BASKET - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136040 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL04 BASKET - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136040 -

US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136057

Two little boys are lost in the woods. While bringing coffee to their father, they got scared off the path by a hairy black creature. Cold, tired, and lost, they kneel down in the snow and close their eyes. But when they open them again, that scary black creature has become a cold, tired, lost creature like themselves. Can the lost help the lost find their way home?

BOOK 9781928136057 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136057 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136057 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136057 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136057 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136064

Grandma came into the yard and found the gate open. Annie was gone and so was Billy, the little goat! Off went Grandma to look for her two strays. Then Grandpa came into the yard. Finding everyone gone, he set out as well to look for Grandma, Annie, and Billy. Soon two boys and a policeman join in the search. And then a rainstorm sets in. The policeman finds Annie’s ribbon beside the water, and the boys find Billy the goat. But where is Annie?

BOOK 9781928136064 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136064 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136064 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136064 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136064 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136071

Sandy tries to save a little kitten from falling into the water. Instead, she accidentally pushes it under. A passer-by accuses her of trying to drown the kitten. Sandy, the little would-be rescuer, catches a chill and gets seriously ill. Feverishly she dreams of black kittens and that accusing man on the road. In the end the accuser becomes a healer, and the would-be rescuer is in need of rescue herself. As for the victim, the black kitten — it heals a heart and finds a home.

BOOK 9781928136071 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136071 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136071 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136071 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136071 - US$ 6.97

* * *


Grandma wants to protect Carla and Ria, her two little granddaughters, from the dangers of the outside world. Beyond the wall are the woods, the busy highway, and Eddie and Bert — those two little troublemakers. But Grandma and Grandpa discover that they can’t wall the dangers out, for the biggest danger comes from within — not from without. Can Carla and Ria scale the wall to friendship?

BOOK 9781928136088 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL08 WOODS BEYOND THE WALL - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136088 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL08 WOODS BEYOND THE WALL - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136088 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL08 WOODS BEYOND THE WALL - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136088 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL08 WOODS BEYOND THE WALL - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136088 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136095

My name is Fik. I’m a strong dog. But I’m not very smart. Just listen to my story. My master, John, and I like to spend our time together. Sometimes we do get into trouble though. When there is danger I warm my master. But then my master gets so sick and I cannot help. All I can do is be sad and hope my master will get better.

BOOK 9781928136095 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136095 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136095 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136095 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136095 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136101

The preacher looks up from his books. The church door bursts open and out tumble three little boys and a girl — his daughter. Over them jumps a little pig. Right behind them, waving his fist angrily, is the church’s caretaker. What brings all these together: three little rascals, the preacher’s little girl, a curious little pig, and an angry caretaker?

BOOK 9781928136101 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136101 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136101 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136101 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136101 - US$ 6.97

* * *


Roger, Danny, and Willy are out on a hunt. Very quietly they tiptoe through the woods. Are there any tigers or bears or elephants? With pistols, swords, and bows the three brave hunters are ready for every encounter. Or are they? At once a little kitten in need of compassion is spotted. Was it dying? How will the brave hunters deal with sickness and sadness?

BOOK 9781928136118 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL11 THREE LITTLE HUNTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136118 - US$ 8.95


SCL11 THREE LITTLE HUNTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136118 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL11 THREE LITTLE HUNTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136118 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL11 THREE LITTLE HUNTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136118 - US$ 6.97

* * *


Looking down from her castle, a little princess sees the Christmas star in the window of a poor little house. Looking up from his poor little house, a little boy sees an angel in the window of the high castle. Both leave their homes to find the newborn Baby in the manger. Although they do not find the baby, they do find Christmas. And so do the parents — through the foolishness of two little children.

BOOK 9781928136125 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL12 SEARCH FOR CHRISTMAS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136125 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL12 SEARCH FOR CHRISTMAS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136125 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL12 SEARCH FOR CHRISTMAS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136125 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL12 SEARCH FOR CHRISTMAS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136125 - US$ 6.97

* * *


Small footprints — the footprints of a small child — lead across the frozen canal and out into the white winter fields. No one pays much attention to them. Why should they? They aren’t important — until Mother discovers that Janie is missing. No one finds the footprints except Janie’s foolish little dog Bello. And how can he help? He only comes to play.

BOOK 9781928136132 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL13 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136132 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL13 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136132 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL13 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136132 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL13 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136132 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL14 LITTLE TRAMP - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136149

It was winter and oh, so bitterly cold. I trotted along the road. My home is gone. My cruel master who kicks me is gone. But where do I go? And, oh, it is so bitterly cold. Then I am spotted and taken into the strange world of people. What do they all mean? And what will happen when my master finds out where I am?

BOOK 9781928136149 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL14 LITTLE TRAMP - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136149 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL14 LITTLE TRAMP - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136149 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL14 LITTLE TRAMP - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136149 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL14 LITTLE TRAMP - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136149 - US$ 6.97

* * *


Three little girls stand before a large iron gate. It is the gate to the Baron’s estate, and beyond it are dark, scary woods. The three little girls are Dinah, Suzy, and Joanne, and their faces are streaked with fear. They stare at the padlock and chain that hold the gate shut. Joey, their baby brother, is somewhere on the other side of that gate. And it is their fault! How will they get him out?

BOOK 9781928136156 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL15 THREE FOOLISH SISTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136156 - US$ 8.95


A-bk SCL15 THREE FOOLISH SISTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136156 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL15 THREE FOOLISH SISTERS - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136156 - US$ 6.97

* * *


Tom and Davy are missing. They should be in class, but they are not. The village policeman has a mystery, for Mrs. Janssen’s big pan is missing too. And so is Farmer Cooper’s “No Trespassing” sign. When Tom and Davy finally show up, flushed and dirty, they refused to tell their teacher where they have been. It’s a secret: so she simply asks them, “Is it a beautiful or an ugly secret?” That’s a question only the boys can answer.

BOOK 9781928136163 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL16 SECRET HIDING PLACE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136163 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL16 SECRET HIDING PLACE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136163 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL16 SECRET HIDING PLACE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136163 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL16 SECRET HIDING PLACE - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136163 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL17 SECRET IN THE BOX - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136170

Catch him! Catch him! The children jump; the teacher screams — and Nick and Neil are in trouble. What are they doing with that frog in school? It’s a secret. After school they sneak the frog into their bedroom. Father and Aunt Katie must not see the frog. Mother must not see it either, even though the secret will make her better . . . in the morning. But in the middle of the night --- Bump! Crash! Bang! The frog is loose and the boys are in trouble again. Their secret is spoiled. Who will make Mother better now?

BOOK 9781928136170 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL17 SECRET IN THE BOX - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136170 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL17 SECRET IN THE BOX - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136170 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL17 SECRET IN THE BOX - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136170 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL17 SECRET IN THE BOX - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136170 - US$ 6.97

* * *

SCL18 ROCKITY ROWBOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136187

Where was Annalee? When Mother looked in Annalee’s speial place behind Father’s desk in the study, Annalee was gone. She had gone with Peter to play in the pasture. But she left without telling Father and Mother. Out in the pasture Annalee and Peter ran off to play and explore. Together they discovered the rockity rowboat. With each thoughtless step, Annalee was further from the safety of home, more and more lost.

BOOK 9781928136187 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL18 ROCKITY ROWBOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136187 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL18 ROCKITY ROWBOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136187 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL18 ROCKITY ROWBOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136187 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL18 ROCKITY ROWBOAT - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136187 - US$ 6.97

* * *


It was a beautiful spring day, but Herbie couldn’t go out. He had to sort beans because he had spilled them and then run away. He felt like running away again. Suddenly he heard a voice outside the window calling his name, but the voice wasn’t calling him: it was calling little runaway Herbie. Big Herbie and little Herbie were very much alike. But how could that be? They were a boy and a duck!

BOOK 9781928136194 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL19 HERBIE, THE RUNAWAY DUCK - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136194 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL19 HERBIE, THE RUNAWAY DUCK - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136194 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL19 HERBIE, THE RUNAWAY DUCK - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136194 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL19 HERBIE, THE RUNAWAY DUCK - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136194 - US$ 6.97

* * *


Penny and Peggy were heartbroken. Their kittens, Feather and Heather, were lost! Then suddenly Dr. Hart, their stern neightbor, was accusing the girls of making all sorts of mischief. And what about those noises behind the tall fence dividing Dr. Hart’s yard from theirs? What was happening behind that grouchy doctor’s fence?

BOOK 9781928136200 - US$ 6.95



A-bk SCL20 KITTENS, KITTENS EVERYWH - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136200 - US$ 5.98


* * *

SCL21 FORBIDDEN PATH - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - 9781928136217

The wheatfield was ready to be harvested. The farmer only saw the wheat. But Pam and Polly saw the little poppies that grew between the wheat. Ignoring the "No Trespassing" sign, they followed the path picking poppies left and right. But oh, when the farmer and the policeman notice little footsteps leading into the wheat, what will happen then?

BOOK 9781928136217 - US$ 6.95

CD SCL21 FORBIDDEN PATH - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD 9781928136217 - US$ 8.95

DVD SCL21 FORBIDDEN PATH - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD 9781928136217 - US$ 7.90

A-bk SCL21 FORBIDDEN PATH - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - ABK 9781928136217 - US$ 5.98

V-BK SCL21 FORBIDDEN PATH - VAN DE HULST, W.G. - VBK 9781928136217 - US$ 6.97

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DVD-IP17726 - US$ 29.90


by W.G. Van de Hulst

Illustrated by W.G. Van de Hulst, Jr.

Translated from the Dutch by Marian Schooland

32 Favorite stories


1 Two Little Sisters

2 Dickie and the Little Finch

3 The Little Wooden Shoe

4 A Teddy Bear That Grew

5 The Sick Man

6 White and Black

7 Mother and Steven

8 The Ugly Caterpillar

9 Grandpa’s Watch

10 Naughty Hector

11 The Little Man with a Crooked Neck

12 Little Jack’s Vacation

13 Shiner

14 Brown Beans, White Beans

15 In the Little Reed Cradle

16 Whose Little Goat Are You?

17 Lettie

18 The Glass Marble

19 One Rainy, Rainy Day

20 The Snowman

21 My Friend Blackcap and I

22 The Two Little Lambs

23 When the Wild Wind Blows

24 Nibs and the Little Old Man

25 Tarts

26 Who Was Most Kind?

27 Reta, Meta, and Sofeta

28 Potatoes for Mother

29 Donnie’s Corner

30 Hagar and Ishmael

31 Peeper

32 Elsa and the Violets


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - MY FAVORITE STORY BOOK - 9781928136224 - US$ 16.95


Rob and Roland by Piet Prins

Inheritance Readers Series #1

A little dog walked along the road.

A white dog with brown ears and a brown spot on his head.

It was a puppy.

But he was not happy.

He was hungry and there was nobody to take care of him.

Look at Table of Contents

Look at First Chapter

Subject: Fiction Age: 7-8

ISBN 978-1-894666-32-9 US$7.95

Rob and Roland on the Farm

by Piet Prins

Inheritance Readers Series #2

Two storks had built a nest with branches and straw on it.

Mother stork perched on the edge of the nest.

She kept watch over her children.

She also looked around at the wide world.

When you are so high, you can see far over the green pastures.

Look at Table of Contents

Look at First Chapter

Subject: Fiction Age: 7-8

ISBN 978-1-894666-33-6 US$7.95

Anak, the Eskimo Boy by Piet Prins

Inheritance Readers Series #9

Another captivating story by one of the best-loved authors of juvenile literature in the Netherlands!

Far north, where the sun shines only part of the year, Anak and his family live with the rest of their Eskimo tribe near the Coronation Gulf. Anak experiences both adventure and danger as he learns how to hunt seals, caribou, and walruses; travels to the land of the white man; faces the threat of a bear attack; and accidentally drifts off to sea on an ice floe. As Anak confronts the challenges of Eskimo life, he learns important lessons about responsibility and dependence on God.

Look at Table of Contents

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Subject: Mission / Fiction Age: 9-10

ISBN 978-0-921100-11-9 US$8.95

Bobby’s Friends by Phia van den Berg

The publisher’s most favourite juvenile story

"Lights!" Jessie announced loudly. Suddenly everyone was awake. Karachi appeared beneath them on the lefthand side. At first they saw only a narrow strip of tiny lights, but soon it broadened. The plane swung sideways as it turned, gliding above the sea of city lights. The children hadn’t paid much attention to the other landings during the trip, but this one became very exciting!

Pakistan! Every year a part of Western Pakistan underwent a drastic flood, washing away all the gardens and homes of the inhabitants. Father Falois, agriculturist, was asked by the government to try to control the floods. But life in Pakistan was so different for Bobby and his siblings. The worst part was understanding the people, that breach between the rich Muslims and the poor Christians. How would Bobby find friends? Would the screaming, proud, millionaire’s son, Sadiq, be a friend, or would Jahja, the very poorest of all? Who would be faithful when danger came?

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 9780921100515 US$9.95

Captains, Pirates and Runaways

by Godfried Bomans & illustrated by Rien Poortvliet

Summer vacation. Fred and Ted and then Ida, their friend and neighbor, leave home for fun and adventure. The boys visit their Uncle Ferdinand, a sea captain, and Ida goes to a girl's camp.

Subject: Fiction Age: 8-99

ISBN 0-88815-537-9 US$4.95

There are a few copies left of


More about God's Wonderful World by Joanne E. De Jonge

Joanne De Jonge uniquely combines a seeing eye, compassionate heart, schooled mind, and mastery of words to make God's wonderful world come vividly alive for all her readers. She translates the language of creation into words we can all understand. Lester De Koster

Subject: Nature Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-88815-553-0 US$4.95

No More Singing by Norman Bomer

with colour illustrations by G. Carol Bomer

No More Singing is a poignant allegory, beautifully told, that will move many children to an understanding that the aborting of our children is legal [according to the governing authorities]. As parents read this story to their children and explain the sad truth of abortion, conviction will grow in young hearts. As that conviction is strengthened and nurtured, it will draw us nearer to that day when protection is again restored to all children.

Curtis J. Young

Subject: Pro life Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-566-2 US$5.95

Judy's Own Pet Kitten by An Rook

Fay S. Lapka in Christian Week: Judy, presumably seven or eight years of age, is the youngest member of a farm family whose rural setting could be anywhere in Canada. The story of Judy, first losing her own kitten, then taming a wild stray cat with kittens, and finally rescuing the tiniest one from a flood, is well-told and compelling.

Subject: Fiction Age: 6-10

ISBN 0-921100-34-5 US$7.95

Susanneke by C. J. Van Doornik

Little Susanneke is happy! Tomorrow is Christmas. And Daddy has cleaned the church. But did he forget something? When it is her birthday Mommy always decorates the livingroom. And actually they will celebrate the Lord Jesus' birthday tomorrow. But the church isn't decorated at all. Could the big people have forgotten it? That is sad for the Lord. He loves us so much and now no one has thought about decorating the church for Him. She has to think about that for a moment. What should she do?

Subject: Fiction Age: 6-8

ISBN 0-921100-61-2 US$5.95

Tekko Series by Alie Vogelaar

. . . You will watch a little African boy do his utmost to save his little sister. You will see his whole village turn against him. And you will see how God works in wondrous ways to help him. I highly recommend this book for parents to read to their young children, some parts are scary, or for older children to read themselves. Rebecca Kingswood (a grade five student) in Pioneer.

Subject: Mission / Fiction Age: 8-99

1 Tekko and the White Man ISBN 0-921100-47-7 US$8.95

2 Tekko the Fugitive ISBN 0-921100-74-4 US$8.95

3 Tekko Returns ISBN 0-921100-75-2 US$8.95

Pierre and his Friends

by W.G. Van De Hulst

Pierre, sick and confined to bed, cannot play with other children. But what about those boys who have come into the quiet canal, shattering Pierre’s peaceful routine? A classic from a master storyteller!

Subject: Fiction (World War I) Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-88815-756-8 US$11.90

The Mystery of Old Abe by W.G. Van de Hulst

Abe is an angry old man who carries in his heart the secret pain of his daughter’s and grandchild’s death. The nosy boys are afraid of Old Abe, but they do dare to tease the old man. But why is Abe angry with the boys and what is he going to do with Cindy?

Subject: Fiction Age: 8-99

ISBN 0-88815-755-X US$10.90

The Big Goose and the Little White Duck

by Meindert De Jong

This story of how the goose became a hero and earned a permanent place on the farm for himself and his friend the duck is full of warmth, humor, and insight.

Subject: Fiction Age: 7-99

ISBN 0-88815-863-7 US$13.90

Smoke above the Lane by Meindert De Jong

How could the little baby skunk have known that by falling asleep on the streetcar tracks on Main Street he would cause a traffic jam unequaled in the history of the village?

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-88815-862-9 US$8.95

Who was Piet Prins (pen name for Pieter Jongeling 1909-1985)?

Mr. Jongeling was born in the northern part of The Netherlands and studied to become a teacher. He indeed did teach for some years, but soon became the international correspondent of a Dutch newspaper. In 1942 he was arrested by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp. After the allied victory in 1945 he returned to The Netherlands and became one of the most important journalists and politicians in The Netherlands. For many years he was the editor of a Reformed Christian daily newspaper, in which he wrote most of his children's books as serials under the name Piet Prins. The first thing many people read when the newspaper arrived was these serials. In 1963 Mr. Jongeling became member of the Dutch parliament for the Reformed Political Alliance. One commentator mused: "What makes Jongeling such a remarkable parliamentarian? That's simple. The man works like a horse! He is always fully informed. When Jongeling speaks, the house listens."

Both as a journalist and a statesman, Pieter Jongeling knew himself bound by the inspired Word of God and as such his labour has born much fruit.

My Son is an avid reader of Piet Prins books. In fact,

I attribute the love he has for reading to the first Scout book he read. He is 12 years old, and

is always trying to find different books that he doesn't have, to add to his collection of Piet Prins.

S.R. of Cambridge, Ontario.

Click here to read what Jongeling wrote about Klaas Schilder and De Reformatie

SET OF ALL 28 PIET PRINS Reg. 270.60 - PRINS, PIET - set - US$221.62

The Curse of Urumbu by Piet Prins

Jack kills a wallaby, not knowing he has thereby violated an aboriginal taboo. The tribe's witch doctor pronounces a curse on Jack and the hunt is on.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-88815-807-6 US$10.95

The Search for Sheltie by Piet Prins

Having shaken the curse of Urumbu, Jack and Sheltie return to the old country. Injured in a traffic accident, Jack is laid up in a Genoa hospital. Sheltie goes on ahead to Rotterdam where he promptly gets lost.

This book gives a fascinating look at the "psychology" of a dog trying to avoid capture as he hunts doggedly for his master. It also tells the story of the extensive, persistent search Jack and his nephews make for Sheltie.

Unaccustomed to civilization, Sheltie faces danger at every turn. Several scrapes with death make this a real nail-biter!

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-43-7 US$10.95

Stefan Derksen's Polar Adventure by Piet Prins

One of the sailors, who was known to be a good shot, decided to try to hit the bear while they were still in the boat. But because his footing was unsteady, he almost missed. The polar bear suffered only a light flesh wound . . . The sailor tried to shoot again, but the gun misfired. It seemed only seconds, and the angry animal had reached the boat. It laid its front paws on the edge and tried to climb in.

Once again Piet Prins has given us an outstanding novel. Follow Stefan's adventure as he runs away from his cruel uncle the cobbler and joins the men aboard the whaling ship the Sea Dragon. Hunting whales, encountering ferocious polar bears, storms and fog, dealing with sickness and hunger, floating adrift and shipwreck, all become part of Stefan Derksen's polar adventure. It is an adventure full of distress and surprise. Will Stefan ever return home to his mother?

Time: 1674-1675 Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-67-4 US$11.95

Dirk’s Dog Bello

by Meindert De Jong

The stormy day an English ship broke up in the terrible waters of Wicked Wife, Dirk rescued the Great Dane,

Bello. After that, by the law of the sea, the giant dog belonged to him. But Dirk's family was poor. And Dirk was suddenly faced with the enormous problem of how to feed Bello. A rare and moving book, full of humor and reality.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-860-2 US$12.90

Far Out the Long Canal

by Meindert Dejong

When the ice finally came to the ditches and canals, Moonta was afire with enthusiasm, not only to learn how to skate, but to let his skates lead him to adventure. And when he heard of something called the New Church’s Pipe, far out the long canal, he was determined to find it at any risk.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-861-1 US$10.90

The Black Phantom of Ravenhurst

by Willem G. Van der Hulst Jr.

Was the driver of the cart full of branches really asleep or was he only pretending? How could that black figure vanish from the mill without leaving tracks in the snow?

Subject: Fiction Age: 8-99

ISBN 0-88815-547-6 US$10.90

S.O.S. by K. Norel

A native of Terschelling, a Dutch North Sea island, the boy Dirk dreams of going to sea as his father, a merchant mariner, has done. When he finishes grade school, Dirk signs on as bottle washer aboard the Sea Dog, his uncle’s tugboat.

Subject: Fiction Age: 11-99

ISBN 0-88815-876-9 US$10.90

The Secret Code by Coen Hartman

Hank and Dick are two teenagers who accidentally get mixed up with a narcotics ring. When they intercept a coded message destined for a distributor doubling as a grocer, they become caught in a web of crime and intrigue.

Subject: Fiction Age: 11-99

Paperback ISBN 0-88815-853-X US$10.90

Cloth ISBN 0-88815-852-1 US$11.90

Four Adventurers Series

The Evil Professor

by Piet Prins

Four high school boys spend their summer vacation touring the country in a horse-drawn carriage. A run-in with a dark, sinister carnival shyster is only the beginning of suspense and adventure.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-821-1 US$10.90

Cloth ISBN 0-88815-820-3 US$11.90

The Mystery of the Three-Fingered Villain by Piet Prins

The detective work of Paul, Roger, Herb, and Eddie leads to a desperate cross-country chase to rescue their old friend Skippy from the three-fingered villain.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-823-8 US$10.90

Cloth ISBN 0-88815-822-X US$11.90

Run, Kevin, Run! by Piet Prins

Orphaned and feeling shipwrecked, Kevin Robbins ends up with relatives. Unable to make adjustments, Kevin "cops out" by running away to his home town. He is adopted by two crooks who insist on "protecting" him from the police.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-837-7 US$10.90

Cloth ISBN 0-88815-836-X US$11.90

Add your

copy (or multiple copies)

of Scout: The Secret of the Swamp


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SET OF 7 SCOUT BOOKS - REG. US$ 76.70 - PRINS, PIET - - US$ 64.90

Scout: The Haunted Castle by Piet Prins

Tom and Scout are on vacation with Tom's two best friends, Carl and Bert, and his sisters, Ina and Miriam. On their rambles through the woods, the group of young people are stopped one day by customs officials. They are accused of being in league with a gang of criminals who are smuggling goods across the nearby German border. Scout's reputation as a tracking dog has preceded him, and soon the young people are helping both the police and the customs officials. The mystery of the haunted castle, a coded message hidden under a tree, a gang of smugglers that can vanish at will, a burglary without clues — they all come together when Tom and Scout tumble over a four-hundred-year-old secret. Suddenly, however, Tom is no longer looking for adventure but fighting for his very life.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-44-5 US$10.90

Scout: The Flying Phantom by Piet Prins

When Tom and his friends Bert and Carl set out on an adventure over spring vacation, they are only looking for a good time. But soon a series of baffling events draws them inexorably into another mystery.

What connection is there between a dangerous poacher, a police cap on top of a tower, a host of unsolved burglaries, and a mysterious fire? Is the fearsome character who walks on the swamp the ghost of the legendary Flying Phantom? Or is it something or someone else?

Join the boys, Tom's dog, Scout, and their mutual friend Captain Brandenburg as they muster courage, tenacity, and wit to track a very unusual kind of criminal.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-45-3 US$10.90

Scout: The Sailing Sleuths by Piet Prins

While Tom and his two friends are making plans for a vacation, Carl's father announces that he has acquired a sailboat, as part of a business deal. The three boys see the chance for a very unusual holiday.

Their peaceful sailing trip is sabotaged when they run into a gang of notorious carnival followers who put on sidewalk shows as a cover for more profitable sidelines. After a confrontation with the gang, the three sailors and Scout find themselves in trouble with the police. Their attempt to clear themselves leads to a wild chase through rivers, canals, and lakes. When at last the boys come face to face with the gang and its ruthless leader, they are stranded on an island in the middle of an isolated lake. In the showdown they are all alone — except for Scout.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-46-1 US$10.90

Scout: The Treasure of Rodensteyn Castle by Piet Prins

When they are invited to spend a few weeks with Uncle Arnie at the seashore, little do Tom, Carl, and Bert realize that they will be staying in the hunting lodge of a medieval castle. Uncle Arnie is quite a storyteller. Soon the boys find their imaginations and the lodge peopled with ghosts from Rodensteyn Castle, a castle long ago buried under the sand. But do ghosts leave tracks, tracks that Scout follows into the sea? Are the legends of the ghost of Sir Isobald and the treasure of Rodensteyn Castle true? Is it a ghost that Tom spots in the dunes at night? Can Scout's nose, no matter how keen, help the boys solve a mystery over 400 years old? Past and present, fact and fiction merge as Tom and his friends search for a treasure that has outlasted the ages.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-47-X US$10.90

Scout: The Mystery of the Abandoned Mill by Piet Prins

Tom, Carl, and Bert are spending the summer on the farm. One day they run into a large, surly man with a black monster of a dog. Scout and the black dog are enemies at first sight. The man arouses the boys' suspicions at once. He is no ordinary vacationer. When Scout pulls a boy from the river, the boys make a friend. From the boy's mother they hear a story about the abandoned mill and a missing treasure. The story draws them into an adventure that sets the boys on a collision course with the dangerous man and his equally dangerous dog. Trying to play the master detective, Tom leads his friends into a desperate situation. Can they stop Scout from clashing with the powerful black dog as he rushes to their aid? After all their hard work, will the boys lose the treasure after all? Worse yet, will the crook decide to kill the only witnesses to his crime?

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-48-8 US$10.90

Scout's Distant Journey by Piet Prins

Scout's seventh adventure reacquaints us with his three friends and introduces some new characters. One is Uncle Bob, long absent in North America but now back in the old country where he and his wife settle into a small but honest-to-goodness castle! Naturally Tom and his friends, including Scout, are invited to spend the summer holidays at Uncle Bob's intriguing house. Actually, the invitation is more like a challenge: Uncle Bob pretends to have a low opinion of "modern youth;" he thinks they're soft and over-pampered. To prove him wrong, Tom and his friends decide to travel on foot. But on the journey, little goes right: disasters dog their footsteps and danger is their constant companion . . . Their arrival marks both victory and defeat . . .

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 1-894666-49-6 US$10.90

Did you check page 99 of our Scout book with catalogue? In Dispelling the Tyranny

Piet Prins writes about a dog Sultan, named after the dog the author played with when he was a child.

Sultan becomes the best friend of Martin, also in Vol. 3 & 4 of the series.

The top ten books that will make a reader of your child (age 5 and up):

age 5: Abraham's Sacrifice by Cor Van Rijswijk

age 6: Martin Shows the Way by Cor Van Rijswijk

age 7 Anak, the Eskimo Boy by Piet Prins

age 8 Augustine, The Farmer's Boy of Tagaste by P. De Zeeuw

age 8 William of Orange - The Silent Prince by W.G. Van de Hulst

age 9 Salt in His Blood by William R. Rang

age 9: Scout: The Secret of the Swamp by Piet Prins

age 9: The Lonely Sentinel by Piet Prins

age 10: Stefan Derksen's Polar Adventure by Piet Prins

age 10: When The Morning Came by Piet Prins

Wambu Series by Piet Prins

Vol 1: The Chieftain's Son

Wambu is a young aborigine whose family is part of a small and slowly shrinking tribe ruled by a witch doctor.

Subject: Mission / Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-786-X US$12.90

Vol. 2: In the Valley of Death

Hunted by foes, tormented by spirits, and plagued by maleria, Wambu stumbles back to his old village in an effort to reach the white man.

Subject: Mission / Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-787-8 US$10.95

Vol. 3: Journey to Manhood

Wambu learns more about Jesus, but the mystery and magic of the old witchcraft die hard in the boy's heart.

Subject: Mission / Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-788-6 US$10.95

We are enjoying the books by Piet Prins so much!

Thank you for publishing them . . . Is it possible to get an address

of a family member that could give us more information about this dear man? We would especially

like to know if he ever lived in Australia & New Guinea or was a missionary there.

His books are so vivid & descriptive. My 6-year-old son begs me to read another

chapter every day. —D.M. of Athens, Ohio.

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Golden Inheritance Series #1

Jessica's First Prayer & Jessica's Mother

by Hesba Stretton

Liz Buist in Reformed Perspective: There is much to be learned from this story. It is written primarily for children, but this book is worthwhile reading for adults as well . . . Highly recommended for young and older.

The Sword and Trowel says (about Jessica's First Prayer): One of the most tender, touching, and withal gracious stories that we ever remember to have read. A dear little book for our children. We are not ashamed of having shed tears while reading it; in fact, should have been ten times more ashamed if we had not. The sweet portrait of the poor child Jessica is a study, and old Daniel is perfect in his own way.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-921100-63-9 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #2

Probable Sons by Amy Le Feuvre

The Sword and Trowel says: A lovely story that everybody man, woman, boy, or girl ought to read. The heroine is a charming child who, in a most winning way, applies to everyday life the Parable of the Prodigal Son, whom she mis-calls the Probable Son. It is scarcely possible to praise too highly this delightful volume.

Subject: Fiction Age: 8-99

ISBN 0-921100-81-7 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #3

Pilgrim Street by Hesba Stretton

Little Phil desperately wants to see his brother Tom. He knows Tom isn't guilty. But Phil is afraid of the policeman. Who will help these street urchins?

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-921100-91-4 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #4

Legend Led by Amy Le Feuvre

Three children, orphaned at an early age and living with a governess, are suddenly sent for by an older stepbrother who lives in the country. Steeped in Arthurian legends, Gypsy, the youngest of the three children, is convinced that the Holy Grail, or `Holy Thing' as she calls it, is hidden somewhere on their brother's estate. When she does actually find the `Holy Thing', it is not quite what she has expected. Reminiscent of W.G. VandeHulst, this book is sure to endear itself to parents as well as to young children. Most certainly recommended.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-921100-82-5 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #5

Little Meg's Children by Hesba Stretton

Christine Farenhorst in Christian Renewal: During the Victorian era a family, reduced to penury, lives in a squalid tenement awaiting their seafaring father's return. When the mother dies, the responsibility of caring for her two small brothers devolves to a very young girl. Having been initiated in the rudiments of Christianity through her mother's Bible reading, with child-like faith this little woman keeps her family going.

Reminiscent of W.G. VandeHulst, Stretton manages to pass on to her readers the importance of unquestioning faith in an omniscient God. Excellent reading.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-921100-92-2 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #6

Teddy's Button by Amy Le Feuvre

The Life of Faith says: Teddy's Button is by the author of Probable Sons, and it would be difficult to say which is the better.

Rev. Thomas Spurgeon says: A smile-provoking, tear-compelling, heart-inspiring book. I wish every mother would read it to her children.

The Christian says: A lively little story, telling of a lad whose military spirit found satisfaction in enlisting in Christ's army and fighting God's battles.

Subject: Fiction Age: 8-99

ISBN 0-921100-83-3 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #7

Lost Gip by Hesba Stretton

"Sandy will be a good boy, I know, for he loves to hear me tell him of Jesus Christ, and he's beginning to understand it all better now. Mother," and Johnny put his arm fondly around her neck, "I want you to let Sandy have my Sunday clothes, and let me see him go to chapel with Father.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-921100-93-0 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #8

Harebell's Friend by Amy Le Feuvre

When her father dies, poor orphaned Harebell is taken from India to England. But Aunt Diana, under whose care Harebell is placed, dislikes children, and would rather send her niece off to a boarding school than keep her at her grand home . . . she again meets Tom Triggs . . .

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-921100-84-1 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #9

Cassy by Hesba Stretton

The dog seemed perfectly to understand the state of affairs, and was somewhat doubtful of the step the girl was about to take. He followed her slowly for a few yards, and then ran back and sniffed about the damp straw by the entrance, where he was used to sleep, and thrust his nose carefully among the smouldering sticks, which were the cause of this sudden flight. But as the girl disappeared among the trees, and whistled softly for him, he made up his mind to follow her, and the next minute the two were running as swiftly as the girl's feet could carry her away from the only home she had.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 0-921100-94-9 US$8.95

Golden Inheritance Series #10

Andy Man by Amy Le Feuvre

Andy, the orphaned son of a London policeman at the beginning of the twentieth century, becomes John’s handy man out in the country. But honest head-strong Andy finds himself in some troubling situations. Will he be allowed to remain with John? And what about the mysterious visitor?

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-95-9 US$8.95

My First Little House Books

Set of 13 @ 10% discount U.S. $107.88

WILDER - M.F.L.H.-COUNTY FAIR - 0064434931 - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER - M.F.L.H.-GOING WEST - PAPERBACK - 0064406938 - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER - M.F.L.H.-PRAIRIE DAY - PAPERBACK - 0064435040 - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER / ETTLINGER - M.F.L.H.-SUGAR SNOW PB - 0064435717 - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER / GRAEF - M.F.L.H.-CHRISTMAS IN BIG WOODS PB - 0064434877 - U.S.$ 8.99

WILDER / GRAEF - M.F.L.H.-DANCE AT GRANDPA'S PB - 0064433722 - U.S.$ 8.99

WILDER / GRAEF - M.F.L.H.-DEER IN THE WOOD - 0064434982 PB - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER / GRAEF - M.F.L.H.-GOING TO TOWN-PB - 0064434524 - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER / GRAEF - M.F.L.H.-SUMMERTIME IN BIG WOODS-PB - 0064434974 - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER / GRAEF - M.F.L.H.-WINTER ON THE FARM PB - 006440692X - U.S.$ 7.99

WILDER / GRAEF - M.F.L.H.-WINTERDAYS IN BIG WOODS PB - 0064433730 - U.S.$ 8.99



Songbooks & Compact Disc for Children

Sing to the Lord

The Children of Asaph sing the Psalms of David on the tunes of John Calvin

Noortje Van Middelkoop, Panflute

Lucy Bootsma, Violin

Daniel Bootsma, Cello

Harm Hoeve, Organ

Theresa Janssen, Conductor

Psalm 42:1, 2, & 5; Psalm 116:1, 2, 3, & 7; Psalm 124; Psalm 1 (Organ Solo); Psalm 49:1 & 2; Psalm 98; Psalm 121; Psalm 96:1, 2, & 8; Psalm 80:1, 2, & 3; Psalm 68 (Organ & Panflute); Psalm 25:1, 2, & 3; Song of Simeon (Hymn 18); Psalm 134. For all ages!

Compact Disc CMR 104-2 US$21.99

Cassette CMR 104-4 US$14.99

Sing About It by S. Van der Ploeg

21 Biblical Songs for Children

Francis M. Elliot in The Christian Observer: This well-made little book of music for children will be a nice change for the director of junior choirs or the Sabbath School teacher who thinks he will scream if he hears certain songs one more time. Everything in it is fresh and different.

Subject: Bible Songs Age: 5-12

ISBN 0-921100-03-5 US$7.95

All Will Be New 30 Bible songs

by Hanna Lam and Wim ter Burg

The Song of the Beginning; Creation Song; Noah; The Tower of Babel; The Song of Moses and Miriam; Jericho; David and Goliath; Jonah and the Great Fish; Daniel; Ten Bridesmaids; Zacchaeus; etc.

Subject: Bible Songs Age: 4-12

ISBN 0-88815-592-1 US$4.95




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