I.P. Books with Book Club Prices

* As a member you will get the new books of Inheritance Publications at a special price sent to you within about thirty days after publication.

* You have the right to return new I.P. books within 10 days from the day of delivery.

* You don’t have to send an order each time a new book is published.

* New Members can obtain for three years older I.P. books at the original Book Club Price (if applicable when a book has been reprinted, it is only available at the regular price. Books that have been returned can NOT be ordered later at the book club price).

* There is no postage charge on orders over $ 40.00!

* There is no annual fee to join our Book Club. However, we do require that you MAIL an order of at least $100.00 worth (a saving of likely about $20.00 you do not have to pay any postage either), or send a $100.00 deposit when you join our Book Club.

* In order to save on postage, we aim at sending only one shipment per year, usually in April.


You can join different categories.


Cat. A: Selected new books from Inheritance Publications (about 10 books per year)

Cat. B: Selected new children- and adult-fiction books from I.P. (about 7 or 8 books per year)

Cat. C: Selected new study books from I.P. (about 2 or 3 books per year)

Cat. D: Selected new books from I.P. and Premier Publishing (about 12 books per year)

Cat. E: Selected new study books from I.P. and Premier Publishing (about 4 or 5 books per year)

Cat. F: Same as Cat. D plus similar books from other Reformed Publishers

Cat. G: Same as Cat. E plus similar (study) books from other Reformed Publishers


Inheritance Publications reserves the right to terminate a membership.

Our books are usually based on historical facts and/or contain sound Biblical doctrines.

Please do NOT join the book club if you are not planning to keep most of the books I.P. will send you.



(if you place a 2009 order above in Cat. A, B, or D, we will enter you as a member and you do not need to send this form)

Name ____________________________________________ Date ____________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________

City & Province _____________________________________________________________

Postal code / Zip _______________ Tel. ________________________________________

Membership Category _____ Signature ___________________________________

Please fill in the membership form and return it to:

Inheritance Publications

3317 Township Rd 624, County of Barrhead AB T0G 1R1 Canada





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