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RT03 The Roman Students by Deborah Alcock

A Tale of the Renaissance

The Reformation Trail Series

Raymond felt the force of the last argument. Besides, he could not contend the point; his schoolfellow had him in his power. A little water from the crystal flask that lay on the table, a fine white kerchief from the looms of Cambray, and a pair of gentle, firm, skilful hands soon accomplished the task. Theodore’s words sometimes missed their aim, and hurt where they meant to heal, his fingers never. Their very form — long, slender, sensitive — evidenced at once fineness of perception and exquisite dexterity.

Meanwhile the schoolfellows talked of the unfair and dastardly conduct of the Nicoloti, and formed plans of revenge. What they said was commonplace enough, but they speedily established a friendly understanding with each other.

"I had not known you were destined to be a physician," said Raymond. "Is not that to sacrifice your genius and your learning?"

Time: 1440s Age: 15-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-93-4 US$17.90


RT09 Prisoners of Hope by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Faith

The Reformation Trail Series

"Not my sister," interposed Will.

"I thought her your sister — but no matter. It makes no difference. You will take my message all the same. Have a care of the lantern, Boy; you will let it fall. Look! The light is out. Well, no harm is done; we will soon be at the clearing now, and in full daylight. I was saying — if you love me, Will, and that I am sure you do — say to Maria that the word we spoke to one another lies ever between us, and God heard it."

Will was silent from amazement, perhaps from something else.

"Do you hear me, Friend?" asked Bilek.

"Yes, I hear," faltered Will.

He felt as if a great stone had fallen on him and crushed him. In his pain he said a thing which perhaps, under all the circumstances, was not wise or generous.

Time: 1548-1560 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-07-7 US$ 9.90


RT15 Not for Crown or Scepter by Deborah Alcock

A Story of Sweden in the 16th Century

The Reformation Trail Series

Pastor Sten Nilson, a tall, noble-looking man, stood up to welcome his brother, with a smile on his lips and a glad light in his frank blue eyes. But the next moment he drew back disappointed, and even a little annoyed; for "mine host" was ushering in a stranger, an elderly man in a fur coat, holding by the hand a little boy about seven . . .

[The boy asked] with a half timid, half confiding air, "What book is that?"

Surprised at the question from so young a child, the Pastor answered, "It is the Red Book, my son."

The boy looked up indignantly, all his shyness gone. " ’Tis not red," he said, " ’tis brown, nearly black. I thought pastors always spoke the truth."

ISBN 978-1-928136-28-6 US$25.90


RT17 The Days of Prince Maurits by Mary O. Nutting (Mary Barrett)

The Story of the Netherland War from the Death of William the Silent to its Close 1584-1648

The Reformation Trail Series

The period during which Maurits of Nassau was the leader of the Netherland people is one which claims attention, not only on account of its exciting and memorable events, but even more because of its intimate connection with the subsequent history of England and of America. The writer has aimed to tell the story so that it shall be neither too long to be easily read, nor so condensed as to seem dry.

Among the works most consulted have been those of Motley, Davies, and Grattan, together with Rogers’ "Story of Holland" and Markham’s "The Fighting Veres." Some original authorities also have been used, particularly Meteren’s "History of the Low Countries," and "Les Lauriers de Nassau," by Orlers and Haestens, a very rare book published at Leyden in 1612, which narrates the victories won while Prince Maurits was commander-in-chief. It is illustrated with many careful representations of battles and sieges, and gives an excellent portrait of the prince, which is reproduced here.

Time: 1584-1648 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-91-0 US$25.90


No Price for Freedom by Philip Gibbs

A Story of Poland in World War II

In No Price for Freedom a colourful story of one Polish family is told. We follow their tragic experiences under changing enermy occupations from 1939 to 1945. We witness their exploits during the amazing epic of the Warsaw Rising, and follow them in France, Italy, Russia, and England - to which some of them escape with the hope that in the West they will still be able to continue their fight for freedom and liberation of their country.

No Price for Freedom, a vivid and exciting novel, is based on authentic facts. Through its pages move real persons, who played an important and glorious part in the last chapters of the history of the Polish nation, such as General Anders, General Bor-Komorowski, the late Mayor of Warsaw, Mr. S. Starzynski, Father Paul, and others.

ISBN 978-1-928136-29-3 US$24.90



The Tartan Pimpernel by Donald Caskie

A Story of France in World War II

"As exciting and eventful as the novel from which its title drives. It is an inspiring story, a testament of the power of goodness in the conflict with evil." —Scotsman

"Dr. Caskie recounts his adventures racily and well, without rancour and with constant humour." —Glasgow Herald

The Rev. Dr. Donald Currie Caskie (1902-1983) was a minister in the Church of Scotland, best known for his exploits in France during World War II, during which he helped an estimated 2,000 Allied sailors, soldiers, and airmen to escape from occupied France (mainly through Spain).

ISBN 978-1-928136-30-9 US$15.90



Journey Through the Night

by Anne De Vries

After the Second World War, Anne De Vries, one of the most popular novelists in The Netherlands, was commissioned to capture in literary form the spirit and agony of those five harrowing years of Nazi occupation. The result was Journey Through the Night, a four volume bestseller that has gone through more than thirty printings in The Netherlands.

"An Old Testament Professor of mine who bought the books could not put them down nor could I."

Dr. Edwin H. Palmer

"This is more than just a war-time adventure. The characters have vitality, depth and great humanity."

The Ottawa Citizen

Now in its Fifth Printing:



9781928136385 - US$ 11.90



9781928136392 - US$ 11.90


Volume 3: DAWN'S Early Light

9781928136408 - US$ 11.90


Volume 4: A NEW DAY

9781928136415 - US$ 11.90

Fourth PrintingStill Available:


Time: 1940-1945 Age: 10-99

ISBN 0-921100-25-6 US$ 29.90


The Martyr of Kolin by H.O. Ward

A Story of the Bohemian Persecution

When I reached home from afternoon school, I went up to a little upper chamber which Wilma and I had as our own, and there I found my sister — who was at the time a fair young maiden of thirteen — busy with her needle.

"Well, Sister," said I, "so we are to have another of these good gentlemen tonight."

"He has come," she said mysteriously.

"Has he? What is he like?" I asked.

"I have not seen him, for he is closeted with our father in his private chamber."

"Will he sup openly with us tonight?"

"Yes, I think so. Elspeth will keep a careful watch, and there is the door behind the tapestry, you know, in case of a surprise."

ISBN 978-1-928136-47-7 US$12.90


Three Months Under the Snow by J. J. Porchat

This morning when I awoke, I found myself in complete darkness, and at first supposed that my sleep had quitted me at an earlier hour than usual. However, I heard my grandfather feeling his way about, and I rubbed my eyes, but did not see a bit better."Grandfather," said I, "you are up before daylight.""My dear boy," he answered, " if we were to wait for the light of day, we should remain long enough in bed. I fear the snow is above the window."At this I uttered a cry of horror and leaped out of bed. I soon lighted our lamp, and we were then able to perceive that my grandfather’s conjecture was well-founded."But the window is low," he added, "besides, it may be that the snow has been heaped up in this part; perhaps we should not see it above two feet deep at some paces from the wall."

ISBN 978-1-894666-19-0 19th Century US$9.90


The Man in Bearskin by J. Keuning

A fascinating story about Dutch Settlers in Western Michigan of the Van Raalte colony of 1847

In the middle of the 19th century a band of Dutch immigrants, under the leadership of the Reverend A. C. Van Raalte, came to Michigan to establish their homes in a place now called Holland. Among these early pioneers were Gerrit Kolf, his wife, and four children. Food was scarce those first few months, but the Kolf family were often supplied meat or corn meal by a mysterious, solitary individual who wore a bearskin cloak and who refused conversation with anyone. To read this book is to gain an appreciation of the unconsciously heroic attitude of these people in their new and difficult life. The wildness of the country, the meagreness of their resources, and the lack of medical care make it at first a sheer struggle for survival.

ISBN 978-1-928136-33-0 19th Century US$9.90


Groen van Prinsterer: His Life and Work by Gerrit J. Schutte

For Groen van Prinsterer, the study of history was a matter of great importance as well as practical usefulness. "In the past lies the present," as Bilderdijk had said, giving voice to a common notion of the time that was also warmly affirmed by Groen. The study of history is a means of getting to know one’s own time; it is a school for everyone who wants to become familiar with the processes and structures of human affairs. It also helps one to gain insight into the power of evil and the limits to what man can do. But besides these practical lessons, the study of history in particular had religious value for Groen. History realizes God’s plan with the world. He guides earthly events to their appointed end, and along the way He does not withhold trials and hardship from his children. He also punishes those who go their own way—for those who depart from God can expect griefs and sorrows. History, therefore, is the story of God’s guidance of and God’s involvement with humankind; it is the confirmation of the promises and threats which Revelation has attached to God’s covenant with man.

Subject: Biography 1801-1876 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-82-8 US$10.90


The Life Of Admiral De Ruyter by P.J. Blok

The Dutch people remember Michiel Adriaansz De Ruyter not only as a great naval hero, one of the very greatest of all times, praised as imrriensi tremor Oceani, a "terror of the ocean," "Hercules of the Seas," as he was called in those days of grandiloquence, it prefers to think of him in the affectionate spirit which is so well conveyed by the name Bestevaer, "Dear Father," given to him by his own sailors, as it had also been given to his glorious predecessor, Marten Harpertsz Tromp. He was not only a model of pure patriotism, of devotion to duty, of unflinching courage, an incomparably balanced mixture of audacity and prudence, a perfect hero, a great sailor, and a born leader in battle. He was also a noble man, a character without blemish, honest and direct, faithful and just, upon whom everybody, low or exalted, could rely implicitly. He was simple, humble, pious as well as frank, and all those who knew him praise him as a model father not only to his own family but to the men of the fleets he commanded. He was indeed a model of those middle-class virtues and personal characteristics which the Dutch have always valued so highly.

Subject: Biography 1801-1876 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-62-0 US$21.90



Fifty Years in the Church Of Rome by Charles Chiniquy

The Unabridged Reprint of the Revised and Complete Edition of 1914

Charles Chiniquy, noted author of Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, was converted to Jesus Christ after serving in the Roman Catholic priesthood for twenty-five years. As a priest he earned the confidence and love of the people and special marks of approbation and favour from his superiors (including the Supreme Pontiff). For reasons drawn from the Word of God he withdrew from the Church of Rome, publicly renouncing her distinctive dogmas. As a faithful minister of the Gospel he suffered many trials at the hand of the Adversary, narrowly escaping death on several occasions. As a soldier of the Cross he warred a good warfare for the King of kings and Lord of lords. In his ninetieth year Charles Chiniquy peacefully fell asleep in Jesus, after faithfully serving "Forty Years in the Church of Christ."

Subject: Biography 1809-1899 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-70-5 US$29.90


Also Available:



James Chalmers: His Autobiography and Letters by Richard Lovet

An unabridged reprint of the Fifth Edition of 1903

James Chalmers, the missionary, was a remarkable man from every point of view. His personality attracted every one who met him. The mere narrative of his actions and experiences reads like a romance. Hence it is not surprising that in the course of a few months three large editions should have been exhausted.One gratifying feature has been the hearty welcome accorded to the book by all sections of the Protestant Church, and by all kinds of papers in the press of Great Britain, the Colonies, and the United States. Papers that rarely devote a line to missionary intelligence have exhorted their readers to get this book ‘because it is more interesting than any novel ’ and the official organs of bodies as widely sundered in some respects as the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, the Church Missionary Society, the United Free Church of Scotland, and the Baptist Missionary Society, have urged their readers to study this volume, and from it refresh their missionary knowledge and missionary enthusiasm.

Subject: Biography 1841-1901 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-80-4 US$26.90



Abraham Kuyper by Frank Vanden Berg

A Biography

Abraham Kuyper was one of Holland’s foremost leaders in politics, education, and the church from 1865 to 1917, a period of over 50 years. His influence is still felt today in his native land and in many other countries.

Kuyper is unique in that he carried on parallel careers in separate major fields, both as a thinker and as a doer. He carried a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other, for he was both a builder and a battler. His followers loved him with warm, undying devotion, while his enemies hated him as they hated no one else.

This biography, which is aimed at the general reader, gives us a running account of Kuyper’s 83 years on earth. It outlines his personal history and sketches the background whenever the scene shifts to a new phase in Kuyper’s many-sided career.

Subject: Biography 1837-1920 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-77-4 US$16.90



A Study of Biblical Eschatology by G.I. Williamson

Is there a significant difference between our view of the Bible, today, and that of the great Reformers of the 16th century? The author of this small booklet believes there is. He does not think this is intentional. But he thinks it is a fact. Our fathers said, "All things in Scripture are not alike plain in themselves, nor alike clear unto all: yet those things which are necessary to be known, believed, and observed for salvation, are so clearly propounded, and opened in some place of Scripture or other, that not only the learned, but the unlearned, in a due use of the ordinary means, may attain unto a sufficient understanding of them." The author also believes that two of those doctrines "which are necessary to be known, believed, and observed" are the doctrines of creation and consummation. It is necessary to know how we had our beginning. And it is also necessary to know what is planned by God for us in the future. And it is his contention that both of these (because they "are necessary to be known") have been clearly revealed in Scripture. And by this he means revealed in such a clear way that even the non-scholars can understand what God says about them.

ISBN 978-1-928136-49-1 US$10.90


Christ In His Suffering — The Trilogy by Klaas Schilder


The author of this volume on the suffering of our Redeemer ought to become well known in English-speaking countries. He is one of the most talented theologians of his day in the Netherlands. He is a deep thinker and an author whose writing are scintillating. They abound in paradoxes, which may not always be easily understood at first, but when thought through, like the well-beaten oil of the sanctuary they bring about keen intellectual satisfaction, discover new exegetical treasures in the Book of Books, and cause the reader to admire the exegetical keenness of Dr. K. Schilder.

. . . He has published several books, the chief of which are three volumes on the Suffering of our Lord. Each of these three books is complete in itself. The first one describes the suffering of the Lord Jesus in its initial stages, ending with the Garden of Gethsemane. The second covers the Lord's passion, till He was condemned to be crucified. The third one relates His suffering from the last named stage, ending with a chapter about His burial.

—from the Foreword of August 19, 1937 by Dr. Henry Beets

His three volumes on the passion of Christ, still in print in this country, are landmark works. The only thing wrong with reading them, you know you will never read anything like them again.

—R.J. Rushdoony, as quoted in Faith for all of Life of July/August 2014

1. Christ In His Suffering US$24.90

2. Christ on Trial US$24.90

3. Christ Crucified US$24.90

Set of 3

for US$59.90


Promise & Deliverance by S.G. De Graaf

"Scripture is prophecy. This is true even of its historical passages. In other words, every story in Scripture reveals something of the counsel of God for our redemption. And in every story God is the prime agent. The entire work of redemption can be seen in each story."

"The entire Scripture is God’s revelation of Himself as the Redeemer. But this is not to say that the whole sweep of redemption is visible in every story. We believe in the progress of revelation. In principle, the whole of redemption is revealed in the mother-promise (Gen. 3:15). Therefore, the seed of redemption is present in every story in the Old Testament. Our job is to use the light of the New Testament to uncover it. " —S. G. De Graaf

"This is a tremendous set of books."

—The Presbyterian Journal

"These volumes set new standards in Biblical story telling."

—Trowel and Sword

"I highly recommend this book. One of the best books available."

—Dr. R.C. Sproul


Vol. 1 From Creation to the Conquest of Canaan 978-1928136-42-2 US$19.90

Vol. 2 The Failure of Israel’s Theocracy 978-1928136-43-9 US$19.90

Vol. 3 Christ’s Ministry and Death 978-1928136-44-6 US$17.90

Vol. 4 Christ and the Nations 978-1928136-45-3 US$15.90


SET OF 4 + Study Guides of Vol. 1&2 US$ 69.90






Search the Scriptures

by C. Van der Waal

Why do we accept the Bible and reject the Koran, the Edda, and the holy books of India? The author has no other answer than: "The Bible itself claims to be the sole revelation of God. And faith accepts this claim." In this series the author invites us to compare Scripture with Scripture, to look for themes that appear in book after book, to understand the framework of the divine plan of salvation. The author wrote this series to be used in high schools as a guideline to how we should search the Scriptures.

Ideal for introductory Bible Study!


#1 Genesis - Exodus US$4.95


#2 Leviticus - Ruth US$4.95


#3 Samuel - Esther US$8.90


#4 Job - Song of Songs US$8.90


#5 Isaiah - Daniel US$8.90\

#6 Hosea - Malachi US$8.90


#7 Matthew - Luke US$4.95


#8 John - Romans US$4.95


#9 Corinthians - Philemon US$8.90


#10 Hebrews - Revelation US$8.90


Mandate Maintained by H. van Tongeren

The Liberation of 1944 in a Nutshell

1. Which assembly in the Church has been endowed with the highest authority? The consistory.

. Why is the consistory the highest assembly of the Church? Because the Lord Jesus Christ officially constituted the jurisdiction over the congregation in the consistory.

3. Where is this found in Holy Scripture?

- Acts 20:28, addressed to the elders at Ephesus reads as follows: "Thus take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, over which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers to pasture the congregation of God, which He obtained by His own blood."

- "And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of the heavens: and whatever you will bind on the earth, will be bound in the heavens, and whatever you will loose on the earth, will be loosed in the heavens." —Matthew 16:19

ISBN: 978-1-894666-83-1 US$9.90


6000 Years of the Bible by G.S. Wegener

Incomparably the best-seller of all time, the Bible is the Book of Books to millions of men and women of different faiths and denominations. But how many of them have more than the most rudimentary knowledge of the Bible's history - of how it was written, how it spread across the world, and the amazing influence of its narrative? It is an exciting story, stretching across sixty centuries and many lands: Egypt of the Pharaohs, Canaan, the "land flowing with milk and honey", Luther's Germany, a deserted limestone cave by the Dead Sea . . .

Mr. Wegener tells the story with verve and skill and a feeling for history, marshalling an impressive list of characters. Mr. Wegener's text is accompanied by more than two hundred beautifully printed illustrations of the earliest Bibles, illuminated manuscripts, biblical sites and precious bindings which go to make up one of the most beautiful books about the most important book in the history of mankind.


In the De Reformatie of June 25, 1960, Rudolf van Reest wrote an extensive review of the Dutch translation of a German book, called 6000 Jaar en een Boek (6000 Years and a Book), which he "gladly recommended" to his readers. When, 5o years later, I read his review I searched for the book and was very pleased to find a used English edition. Yet, when I received it, I was not so certain that it was accurate enough to republish. In the last 50 years many readers of the Bible have become confused about the reliability of the translation (or paraphrase) of the Bible they use. They were weaned away from the reliability of the Authorized (King James) Version of the Bible, not because that translation was claimed inaccurate but because "we need a Bible in today’s language." Yet they were surprised to find all kinds of missing passages, totally different meanings, and confusing ideas in several newer translations. And this has become a great concern for many people who love the Bible. The worst thing about all of this was that most people trusted the "scholars," often unaware that there are perhaps as many scholars that disagreed as that agreed with these changes, though the majority of the latter would never get tired of affirming that they had no problem with the "King James Version."

However, my opinion on this 6000 Years of the Bible changed after I viewed the DVDs A Lamp in the Dark — The Untold History of the Bible, and its sequel Tares Among the Wheat, two great DVDs by John Doerr and Christian Pinto. Especially the latter DVD should be watched by everyone who loves the Bible. These DVDs confirmed my assumption that there are conspiracies going on about Bible translations. Yet, are these conspiracies coming from proponents of reliable manuscripts or by those who falsely claim to use more reliable manuscripts? Mr. Pinto does not speculate too much yet leaves one with an impression that a certain person was a criminal, while another was a defeated hero. To me both names were new. But as a good Berean I checked 6000 years of the Bible and discovered a firm view of the defeated hero as a criminal. Though it did not convince me, it shed a lot of light on the matter and begs for further study. If Mr. Pinto is wrong let a true scholar prove him wrong. In the meantime let no one ever deprive us of the true Word of God. — Roelof A. Janssen

ISBN 978-1-928136-85-9 US$19.90

ISBN 978-1-928136-85-LP LARGE PRINT EDITION US$39.90

DVD LAMP IN THE DARK - PINTO, CHRISTIAN J. - 753182103556 - US$ 20.00



The Children's Morning Message by Amy Le Feuvre

Dear Little Friend, Will you try to read a page of this book every morning? I do not want it to take the place of your Bible; but I know that very often schoolboys and schoolgirls are hurried in the morning, and have not time to read their Bible till the evening. This little message will not take you long to read; and I have prayed that God may bless it to you day by day. You will see that we begin the year with the words of Jesus, and we end it with His words. We do not go straight through the Bible, but you will notice that we get our messages from every part of it. Will you try to live out your text every day? Think about it, and act upon it, and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of it during the day. Your affectionate friend, —Amy Le Feuvre

ISBN 978-1-928136-61-3 US$17.90



Jesus the Son of God by Jakob van Bruggen

The Gospel narratives as message

"In an era when many want to pick and choose what in Scripture can contribute to describing Jesus, it is refreshing to read a book on him that takes seriously the testimony of the whole of Scripture. Jesus the Son of God interacts fully with and assesses critical scholarship, especially the more skeptical elements of the European study of Jesus. It competently treats the background to the life of Jesus as well as the key elements of his life and ministry. The work contains many insightful proposals about how to put the Gospel details and portraits together. Some suggestions will convince, others may not, but each is worthy of reflection. Most important, it sheds valuable light on its main concern, the person and work of Jesus."

Subject: Matthew - John Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-89-7 US$19.90


Dreams and Dictators by Herman Veldkamp

The Book of Daniel

Daniel lived in frightening days; God's people were in the grip of a pagan empire, and that empire was under growing pressure from without. Against this background, Herman Veldkamp tells a dramatic story of dreams and dictators, of fearful visions and empires in collision, emphasizing that God's people are never forgotten, however desperate their plight. Veldkamp shows us how prophecy and history blend in the book of Daniel to present a single message. That message is intended to strengthen believers of all ages as they face the assaults of satan and his hosts and pray feverishly for the return and final triumph of Christ.

ISBN 978-1-928136-59-0 US$14.90


Waiting for Christ’s Return by Herman Veldkamp

Paul's First Letter to the Thessalonians

Waiting for Christ's return is not a passive matter of sitting back and doing nothing, as some of the early Christians thought. This Paul makes clear in his first letter to the Thessalonians.

Herman Veldkamp focuses on the highlights of this letter in 21 short chapters, conveying to us something of the tense expectation that fills the lives of those who live for Christ and long for His final triumph. Paul opens his letter by giving thanks. He then offers some practical advice and sets the Thessalonians straight on their misconceptions about the last things. Veldkamp gives us a vivid picture of the struggles of the Thessalonian Christians. The message hits home, for many of the their failures and misconceptions are ours as well.

ISBN 978-1-928136-60-6 US$10.90


Robert Musgrave’s Adventure by Deborah Alcock

A Story of Old Geneva

"Josef . . . the servant, ye know," said Jeannot, "told us how the soldiers of Captain Brunaulieu’s corps, as they came to a halt outside the town, found amongst them a boy who was evidently a Genevan. They seized him, and brought him to the Captain. He said he was an Englishman, which, I suppose, is another kind of heretic . . . oh, I crave pardon of your Worthinesses . . ."

"Never mind our Worthinesses, but go on with thy story," said someone.

"The Captain would have had him run through at once. But the holy Friar who was with them — Friar Alexander the Scotchman, they called him — bade spare him, as he might be of use in the town for a guide. ’Twas just then that Josef, who told us the tale, came up, being sent on a message . . ."

Time: 1602 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-32-3 US$8.90


The Martyr of Kolin by H.O. Ward

A Story of the Bohemian Persecution

When I reached home from afternoon school, I went up to a little upper chamber which Wilma and I had as our own, and there I found my sister — who was at the time a fair young maiden of thirteen — busy with her needle.

"Well, Sister," said I, "so we are to have another of these good gentlemen tonight."

"He has come," she said mysteriously.

"Has he? What is he like?" I asked.

"I have not seen him, for he is closeted with our father in his private chamber."

"Will he sup openly with us tonight?"

"Yes, I think so. Elspeth will keep a careful watch, and there is the door behind the tapestry, you know, in case of a surprise."

Time: 1560-1580 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-47-7 US$12.90


Archie’s Chances by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Nineteenth Century

This was scarcely as bad as she expected, yet quite bad enough. She flushed hotly. "Uncle has not said anything to you, has he?" she asked.

"Never once. Kate, Uncle Morris is a brick!" There was a wealth of genuine gratitude flung into the boyish word that redeemed it from all trace of vulgarity.

"If Father were alive, what would he say?" questioned Kate. "I think he would be horrified at the very thought."

"Well, I don’t know," mused Archie, thrusting his hands into his pockets. "After all, the horrible thing is eating the shop — I mean the bread that’s made in it. And since I do that already, and can’t help myself, I think it would not make things any worse to earn it before I eat it."

Time: 1880s Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-16-9 US$8.90


A Child’s Victory by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Twelfth Century

On a sultry summer’s day, in the twelfth century, a little girl stood at a street door in one of the close, narrow alleys of a Flemish town. Her dress indicated poverty, though not neglect. Other children were playing near; she heard their voices, and looked at them for a few moments with curiosity and interest in her large blue eyes, but apparently with no wish to join their sports. Far more earnestly did she gaze to the right, where the long alley terminated in a broader street, from which a stream of intensely vivid sunlight poured, illuminating a corner of the shaded alley, with the Madonna in her niche, as well as the quaint carvings that adorned the house of rich Master Andreas the weaver. What would little Arlette have given to see one figure that she knew turn from the sunshine into the shadow!

Time: 1100s Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-92-7 US$7.90


Must I Give Him Up by Deborah Alcock

A Story of France in the 18th Century

Among those who could not get away was an aged man, who had almost fulfilled his fourscore years of life. Him the soldiers took, and were leading him away to prison. His son, who was in another part of the Assembly, knew nothing of it until, having reached a place of safety, he sought everywhere for his father, and could not find him. His young active feet soon retraced their steps. He met the soldiers with their captive on their way to the town. Madly Fabre threw himself into their midst, and made a wild despairing effort to tear their prisoner from their grasp. Vain — vain of course! What could one man, alone and unarmed, do against a band?

Time: 1760s Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-005-9 US$8.90


Prisoners of Hope by Deborah Alcock

A Story of the Faith

"Not my sister," interposed Will.

"I thought her your sister — but no matter. It makes no difference. You will take my message all the same. Have a care of the lantern, Boy; you will let it fall. Look! The light is out. Well, no harm is done; we will soon be at the clearing now, and in full daylight. I was saying — if you love me, Will, and that I am sure you do — say to Maria that the word we spoke to one another lies ever between us, and God heard it."

Will was silent from amazement, perhaps from something else.

"Do you hear me, Friend?" asked Bilek.

"Yes, I hear," faltered Will.

He felt as if a great stone had fallen on him and crushed him. In his pain he said a thing which perhaps, under all the circumstances, was not wise or generous.

Time: 1548-1560 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-894666-07-7 US$9.90


Thine is The Kingdom by J.H. Hunter

A Story of the Cold War

Tresham looked at the picture accompanying the article and might have been gazing into a mirror, so startling was the resemblance. "Of course, it is my brother," he said slowly. "So he went to Canada to work for a capitalistic state and help to start another war. What do you want me to do, since I suppose my coming here has something to do with that item in the newspaper?"

The Russian nodded and handed him a cutting from a newspaper pasted on a piece of stiff cardboard. "Read that also," he said. It was a report of a later address given by Tresham’s brother in Washington to an organization affiliated with the United Nations and called "The Society for the Promotion of World Peace and Good Will." "The first two paragraphs are all that you need read at present," said Vasiloff. The report was in English with a Russian translation beside it.

Time: 1950s-1960s (fiction) Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-87-3 US$16.90


The Mystery of Mar Saba by J.H. Hunter

Lord Moreton hung up the receiver and pushed a buzzer on his desk.

"Send Inspector Maxwell here," he said to the policeman who came in.

A moment later, Maxwell entered. He was heavy-eyed from lack of sleep and, if anything, looked more melancholy than ever.

"Sit down, Max."

The inspector seated himself.

"Well, it is heavy going," said Lord Moreton.

The other nodded. "The ship of state is going to founder, sir, mark my words, unless there is some change within the next forty-eight hours. We had one hundred and three suicides last night and eighteen murders within the Metropolitan area. We cannot stand this for long. No word from Jerusalem yet?"

Time: 1930s-1940s (historical fiction) Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-88-0 US$21.90


Wrestling Jacob by Marjorie Bowen

A Study of the Life of JOHN WESLEY

and Some Members of the Family

MARJORIE BOWEN has come neither to judge nor to explain. Religious controversy and theology she avoids, being content to give her readers the fullest portrait of the man to be attempted in our time, and leave the rest to them. HERE, then, stands John Wesley, a titan with the message that set England afire. FIRST we see him as the fifteenth child of a Rector, whose stipend was £30 a year. Here is the mother who formed him, his brothers, his unfortunate sisters, and his haunted home. HERE also is the "Holy Club" at Oxford, that first step towards his real destiny. THEN comes the adventure in Georgia, where he knew love, only to turn away for religion’s sake. AT last the real drama in England begins. The biographer is straining every nerve to keep pace with this tearing torrent of evangelical revival. WE see the great crowds following in the open spaces, we hear the singing, the shouting, here are the "love feasts" and the "watch nights" with a vengeance. IMPOSSIBLE to imagine our quiet England stirred to such depths. THE crusade in the West, where Bristol is as seething a cauldron as London. . . . Forty-two visits to Ireland, twenty-two to Scotland . . . thus the magic years roll on . . . nor can old age overtake this man who dies in his eighty-eighth year, as active in his work as ever.

Time: 1703-1791 Age: 15-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-86-6 US$24.90





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Thank you for your prompt service. My 13yr old and 10yr old sons enjoyed the first 3 books immensely (Scout). I just read "Secret of the Swamp" for the 3rd time to my 10yr old. He can't get enough of Scout. Thanks again, L.C.