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Volume 6 & 7 of The Dort Study Bible Now in Print


Vol. 6 Psalms - Proverbs ISBN 978-1-894666-56-9 Can$31.95

Vol. 7 Ecclesiastes - Isaiah ISBN 978-1-894666-57-5 Can$31.95


Also Available:

Vol. 1 Genesis and Exodus ISBN 1-894666-51-8 Can$27.95

Vol. 2 Leviticus - Deuteronomy ISBN 1-894666-52-6 Can$27.95

Vol. 3 Joshua - 2 Samuel ISBN 1-894666-53-4 Can$27.95

Vol. 4 1 Kings-1 Chronicles ISBN 978-1-89466654-1 Can$27.95

Vol. 5 2 Chronicles - Job ISBN 978-1-894666-55-8 Can$27.95




Wonderful & Bizarre

Life Forms in Creation

by Jerry Bergman

This collection illustrates the enormous variety of God's creation. The selection was difficult to make from over two million choices, but included are some of the more popular animals, such as the panda and the koala. The 23 animals are listed in alphabetical order because many readers will no doubt read accounts of animals of interest first.

Covered are not only some background of lifeforms, but also the serious problems each of them presents for evolution, which in most cases are lethal for Darwin's theory. Wonderful & Bizarre is excellent for families, leisure reading, home schoolers, and Christian schools. This book makes biology enjoyable and relevant for students from High School to College level.

ISBN 978-0-9952800-1-4 Can$ 39.95



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The BEST book of Piet Prins Now Available as Audio book

(5CD set, Mp3 DVD, Download)

Vol. 1 in the Struggle for Freedom Series by Piet Prins:

When The Morning Came

David Engelsma in the Standard Bearer: This is reading for Reformed children, young people, and (if I am any indication) their parents. It is the story of 12-year-old Martin Meulenberg and his family during the Roman Catholic persecution of the Reformed Christians in The Netherlands about the year 1600. A peddlar, secretly distributing Reformed books from village to village, drops a copy of Guido de Brès' True Christian Confession a booklet forbidden by the Roman Catholic authorities. An evil neighbor sees the book and informs . . .

Time: 1568-1572 Age: 10-99

Vol. 1 - When The Morning Came

5 Compact Discs ISBN 978-1-77298-133-9

CAD$ 37.95


CD MP3 ISBN 978-1-77298-132-2

CAD$ 24.95


A-BK 9781772981322 - CAD$ 19.88


Also available in PRINT: Vol. 1 - When The Morning Came ISBN 0-921100-12-4 CAD$13.95


Yashka by Maria Botchkareva

My Life as Peasant, Officer, and Exile

Commander of the Russian Women’s Battalion of Death

As set down by Isaac Don Levine

Read by Theresa Janssen

WWI Memorial Series 1

One morning I went to the post office to ask for mail.

"There goes Botchkareva!" I heard a man cry out.

"Ah, Botchkareva! She is for the old regime!" another fellow replied, apparently one of the Bolshevik soldiers.

There were several of them and they flung threats and insults at me. I did not reply but returned home with a heavy heart. Even in my own town I was not safe.

"My Lord," I prayed, "what has come over the Russian people? Is this my reward for the sacrifices I have made for my country?"

I resolved not to leave the house again. Surely this craze would not last long, I thought. I spent most of the day reading the Bible and praying to Heaven for the awakening and enlightenment of my people.

On the 7th of January, 1918, I received a telegram from Petrograd, signed by General X. It read: "Come. You are needed."

Time: 1910-1918 Age: 14-99

10 Compact Discs in 2 DVD cases

CD10-9781772981155 - CAD$ 49.95




Also Available in Print: ISBN 978-1-77298-107-0 CAD$ 27.95


BOTCHKAREVA, MARIA - Audio Book Download WW1M 1 YASHKA -MY LIFE AS PEASANT - A-BK 9781772981070 - CAD$ 24.88




True to the Last by Evelyn Everett Green

Arnold, a lame and sickly boy goes to live with his mother's friend, "Aunt Mary", her brother Reginald, and his two sons, Geoffrey and Ted.

Arnold soon learns to share Geoffrey's love of nature and his joy knows no bounds when Geoffrey accepts him as a partner in taking care of his garden and the animals.

Then Arthur, a boy with a bent towards trouble making, lying, and deceit comes to stay. By his strong influence, he soon gains Ted and Arnold as followers.

A prize butterfly collection is ruined and to Arthur's delight, the blame is wrongfully placed on Geoffrey. Arnold, guilt stricken by his own deceit in the matter, spends the most miserable week of his life as Geoffrey, an active outdoors-loving boy, is confined to the house for punishment.

One night a bright ruddy light streaming into the room awakens the boys. The barn is on fire! Little do they realize the long-term consequences of the fire, for changes that bring both happiness and sadness will come to this house.

A captivating story for young boys who face the choice of "following the crowd" or doing what is right, and who must live with the consequences of their choices.


EVELYN EVERETT GREEN - CD6 TRUE TO THE LAST - CD6-9781772981346 - CAD$ 44.95


EVELYN EVERETT GREEN - CD MP3 TRUE TO THE LAST - 978-1-77298-135-3 - CAD$ 29.95






Index Companion (to)

To All Our Children by Albert van der Mey

Compiled by Albert Van der Heide

Free upon request with any order

Includes 33rd Anniversary Catalogue of Inheritance Publications

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Also Available:

To All Our Children by Albert van der Mey

The Story of the Postwar Dutch Immigration to Canada

"Although they didn’t show it, they were afraid. The only English word they knew was ‘potato.’ My grandfather had said they were going to hell and would never come back. And he cried, with his face buried in his arm against the stable wall."

"Uppermost was the question, ‘Will I ever see them again?’ "

"Uncle Tom, smiling, said, ‘If we will not see each other on earth again, we’ll meet in heaven.’ I smiled too, and a little ray of sunshine entered my heart."

"So she decided to pull on a little rope that was hanging there. Within two minutes, the train was motionless; she had pulled the emergency brake!"

"We used every cardboard box we could find for insulation to keep the wind out."

" ‘Don ’t kill him! Don’t kill him!’ These words still ring clearly in the mind of Berend Kraal. They are a reminder of the agony of his introduction to the hard work on the farm and the overbearing attitude of his boss when he learned that Kraal didn’t even know how to milk a cow properly."

In the fifteen years following the end of World War II, thousands of Dutch people waved goodbye to their families, friends, past lives and possessions, boarded a ship, and made the long voyage to Halifax, Quebec City, or Montreal, where they disembarked as landed immigrants to Canada. Most of them had little or no idea of where they were going or what they would find when they got there. Still, they came. Between 1946 and 1982 more than 180,000 people emigrated from The Netherlands to Canada. That enormous tide peaked in 1952, when almost 21,000 Netherlanders made Canada their home. The movement arose out of a long-occupied country whose citizens considered Canadians their liberators, out of tiny Holland’s limited capacity for growth, and out of the uneasy political situation in Europe. The real result of the movement, the lives of the ordinary people who uprooted themselves to immigrate, is the subject of this overwhelming documentation.

Told simply and movingly, this is the story of every immigrant’s experience, from the decision to leave and the journey itself to the arrival in Canada and the difficulties to be faced. A new language, poverty, homesickness — the hardships — were many. But the opportunities — the freedom, the chance to stretch and grow — compensated for hardship.

Here are the simple and straightforward words and pictures of a cross section of immigrants who came to Canada, not just for themselves and their children, but because Canada was an ideal place, a country one could dedicate one’s life to. Some were disappointed and returned to The Netherlands. Most stayed. They became Canadians, not because of birth, but by choice, their choice and Canada’s choice.

This is the tale of postwar Dutch immigration to Canada, a story as moving and terrible, as humorous and simple as life itself. To most of those immigrants, Canada was an unknown entity. However, despite their hardships, they became some of her staunchest citizens. Here, one of our most interesting ethnic groups speaks for itself.

Time: 1946-1983 Age 10-99

ISBN 0-88815-100-4 CAD$49.95


6 copies at 15% discount CAD$254.75 (Regular CAD$299.70)


Simon Gieke 2: The Warrior of Tholen

by Mevahor

Captain De Ryke and the other leaders of the invasion believed that the island only had a small garrison of Spanish troops; they believed that many of the Spanish troops had been withdrawn from Tholen and the nearby cities in Brabant. They also hoped that the citizens of Tholen would do all they could to help the Beggars. The plans were carefully thought through and the likelihood of success was high. However, man proposes but God disposes.

The men preparing to invade Tholen had formerly been farmers, fishermen, craftsmen, and labourers. Fighting in harsh conditions had made them intrepid soldiers. Men who previously knew nothing about war and fighting had become a heroic force that was feared by the Spaniards. Many of these men feared the Lord. All looked forward to freeing the city and island of Tholen from its oppressors.

Skipper Lievenszoon had been ordered to bring his men to the western part of the island. At high tide, his ship sailed into a creek; the Beggars aboard jumped into the water and reached shore without encountering any opposition. They marched toward the town of St. Maartensdyk. This place had only a small garrison and the Beggars soon captured the town. They raised the orange flag on the church steeple; this showed that the town had taken the side of the Prince of Orange.

Time: 1572-1673 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-131-5 CAD$22.95


The Poacher of Heusden by P. de Zeeuw, J.Gzn

"Hold on now, Girl. What’s wrong with you? Calm down!" Walewyns said, trying to quiet her. "One would think he was your brother."

"But, Father," Willemyn started up again, "don’t you think it is mean that everybody teases and laughs at Cor? That boy can’t help it that his ears are attached to his head wrong and that his nose is so big and that his eyes are crooked. Why don’t they say something about Johan van den Elshout, the boy of the castle. Well, they don’t dare do that!"

"What makes you think of that, Child?"

"Well, that Johan also has red hair, just like Cor, and he isn’t so good-looking either. But he is the son of Baron van den Elshout!"

Time: 1593 Age: 9-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-55-3 Can$12.95


The Hidden Treasure by Lucy Ellen Guernsey

The Reformation Trail Series #21

"Never, never, Dear Father!" exclaimed Jack, starting up and speaking with an energy which brought a flush to his pale cheeks. "Never will I leave you for the sake of becoming a lazy drone, like the monks yonder, or a proud priest like their prior, who rides abroad in such state upon his mule, and grinds the faces of poor men, and robs widows and orphans as he does. I would rather be a shepherd on the hillside all day like my old Uncle Thomas, or a sailor like Davy Brent, or a miner under ground, than live such a life!"

"Well, well, Boy, I am glad of it with all my heart, but you need not speak so loud or put yourself in such a heat about it. The priests are not all alike either. Never was a better man than our Sir William."

Time: 1527-1538 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-125-4 Can$22.95


The Huguenot’s Family by Henszen Veenland

Huguenot Inheritance Series #15

"Julie!" he cried in surprise, "What brings you here on such a stormy day?"

"I wanted . . . I came . . ." The woman could not finish. She was pale as a ghost, and seemed utterly stupefied.

"Please, come inside where it’s warm." Dropping his hammer at his feet, Catel took his neighbour’s arm, and led the dazed woman to the cottage. Henri hovered a few steps behind, greatly concerned. 

In the Catel’s warm front room, Julie fell into the first chair, her eyes staring vacantly before her. With a deep sigh, she bent listlessly to unfasten her sodden cloak. 

"Oh Julie, whatever is wrong?" cried Pierette, springing to her side to help her remove the dripping garment.

The woman looked up, her eyes brimming. "Annette!" she whimpered.

Time: 1685-1695 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-095-0 Can$16.95


Audio book read by Maddie Desmond

Audio Book 4CDs ISBN 978-1-77298-112-4 (IP18645) Can$34.95


CDMP3 ISBN 978-1-77298-113-1 (IP18644) Can$24.95


Download A-Bk HI15 (IP 18653) Can$19.95

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DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772980950 (IP 18731) Can$7.96

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Yashka by Maria Botchkareva

My Life as Peasant, Officer, and Exile

Commander of the Russian Women’s Battalion of Death

As set down by Isaac Don Levine

WWI Memorial Series 1

One morning I went to the post office to ask for mail.

"There goes Botchkareva!" I heard a man cry out.

"Ah, Botchkareva! She is for the old regime!" another fellow replied, apparently one of the Bolshevik soldiers.

There were several of them and they flung threats and insults at me. I did not reply but returned home with a heavy heart. Even in my own town I was not safe.

"My Lord," I prayed, "what has come over the Russian people? Is this my reward for the sacrifices I have made for my country?"

I resolved not to leave the house again. Surely this craze would not last long, I thought. I spent most of the day reading the Bible and praying to Heaven for the awakening and enlightenment of my people.

On the 7th of January, 1918, I received a telegram from Petrograd, signed by General X. It read: "Come. You are needed."

Time: 1910-1918 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-107-0 Can$27.95


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Exploring the Canadian Frontier by David Thompson

Journeys of David Thompson (1784-1812)

Edited by Joseph B. Tyrell

David Thompson was in my opinion the greatest Canadian. That was only possible because of his faith in God. Actually he wrote this book himself, though the first 100 pages — an overview of Thompson’s life and itinerary, are by the editor, Joseph B. Tyrell.

Thompson wrote: I was obliged to take two kegs of alcohol, overruled by my partners, for I had made it a law to myself, that no alcohol should pass the mountains in my company, and thus be clear of the sad sight of drunkenness, and its many evils. But these gentlemen insisted upon alcohol being the most profitable article that could be taken for the Indian trade. In this I knew they had miscalculated. Accordingly when we came to the defiles of the mountains, I placed the two kegs of alcohol on a vicious horse, and by noon the kegs were empty, and in pieces, the horse rubbing his load against the rocks to get rid of it. I wrote to my partners what I had done; and that I would do the same to every keg of alcohol, and for the next six years that I had charge of the fur trade on the west side of the mountains, no further attempt was made to introduce spirituous liquors.

If enough PRE-PUBLICATION sets are sold the books will be printed in hard cover! Please order your set now!

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Two paperback editions are available:

The one volume edition of 768 pages


ISBN 978-1-77298-097-4 Can$ 55.95



Four volumes of 192 pages each Can21.95.

Set of 4 classic hard cover (or paperback*) Can$85.95 (Available D.V. in May 2023)


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*) If we do not get enough orders to justify a hard cover print run, we plan to ship paperback editions in April 2022.

You can also order the paperback editions (available now):


Vol. 1 ISBN 978-1-77298-098-1 Can$ 21.95

Vol. 2 ISBN 978-1-77298-099-8 Can$ 21.95

Vol. 3 ISBN 978-1-77298-100-1 Can$ 21.95

Vol. 4 ISBN 978-1-77298-101-4 Can$ 21.95

Set of all 4 in paperback (available now) Can$ 73.95


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Also available as e-books


For a Testimony by Bruce F. Hunt

A Story of Korea in World War II

WWII Memorial Series 7

Bruce Hunt (1903-1992), an American Presbyterian missionary working among Koreans, narrated his experiences in Manchuria during the Second World War, when he was imprisoned by the invading Japanese. Maltreated, half-starved, tormented, released, re-arrested, cast greatly upon God he was brought through to the praise of divine grace. But what inspires the reader is the author’s burden for the Korean Christians, who loved not their lives unto death. The account of their consistency under persecution is a great encouragement to missionary endeavour.

Edward J. Young of Westminster Seminary wrote: "The Rev. Bruce F. Hunt is a highly respected missionary of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Born in Korea, he has spent practically his entire life in that country preaching the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ. His devoted labours have been deeply blessed of God. In the present book his love to Christ shines forth on every page. This is not an ordinary book but here is the fascinating account of one who, even in severe trial, was faithful to his Lord. It is a book that all Christians should read, and if non-Christians would read it, they might come to understand the secret of such a life."

Time: 1940-1960 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-082-0 (IP 17019) Can$17.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772980820 (IP 18730) Can$7.96

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Little Henry and His Bearer by Mary Sherwood

Little Henry and His Bearer first appeared in 1814. The unprecedented favour with which it was received by the public may be judged from the fact that more than 250,000 copies of this edition were sold. It was written by Mrs. Sherwood, the wife of a Christian officer in the service of the East India Company.

In the year 1866 another, and still better, edition was published. It is from that edition that the present reprint is made. In the 1866 edition both parts are replete with Hindustani words and expressions which render it attractive to those who knew the India of a century ago. But times have changed greatly since then, so old spelling has been altered and Hindustani words given their equivalent in English; while here and there a few minor alterations in the text seemed desirable to abbreviate it or render it clearer to a reader of today. The book has been so blessed to great numbers and is so glorifying to God that it is hoped that the reprinting of it may be used by Him to bring yet many others to trust in the Saviour.


Time 1800s Age 11-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-035-6 Can$12.95


AMIGO: Dog With a Mission


So wherever I went with family members, they introduced me. Even non-dog-loving people softened up when they saw my big brown eyes and how cuddly I was. Soon my family was making lots of new friends in Chiloé!

At the same time, they were learning to speak Spanish. I understood more and more new words, too, since the twins practiced on me. Doctor Bryce worked hard every day to help people at the clinic. Even the Mapuches respected him and wanted his medicine instead of the shamans’. Mom Lindsay spent part of her time keeping the clinic records.

Subject: Mission / Fiction Age: 9-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-124-7 CAD$ 12.95


Back In Print:

Andrew Connington by Grace Irwin

The Sequel to Least of All Saints

THIS powerful and moving novel tells the story of a young preacher’s endeavor to bring the Word of God to bear upon his large and fashionable church — and himself. Out of a deep compulsion, Andrew Connington proclaims a Christianity that leaves no part of life untouched or unchanged. His daring independence and unyielding passion for truth lead him into actions that eventually threaten the deepest motives of his existence. Andrew finds himself on a pilgrimage that only the love and power of Christ can sustain.

The characters and situations in this exciting story of modern Christianity are created with a steady eye upon reality. Grace Irwin remains faithful to the human experience of God’s revelation to man. She creatively explores the moral tensions and struggles of men and women trying to walk the Christian way in a world that often confuses truth with expediency, and love with sentimentality.

What readers said of Least of All Saints, Grace Irwin’s first published novel:

"Perhaps the most outstanding Christian novel I have read." — Dr. Frank E. Gaebelein

"Seldom is there any commendable Christian fiction, but here is an excellent novel which is well worth reading." — Eternity

"Grace Irwin deserves the gratitude of the many who look for the renascence of good Christian fiction ... — The Reformed Journal

Subject: Fiction Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-126-1 Can$26.95


Back In Print:

Servant of Slaves by Grace Irwin

A Biographical Novel of John Newton

This is Grace Irwin’s best novel to date. She recounts the exciting adventures of John Newton’s life both as profane and immoral slave trader and later as a devoted servant of Christ. And is there anywhere a more beautiful love story than that of John Newton and Mary Catlett? — Clyde S. Kilby

Time: 1725-1807 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-75-0 Can$35.95

Special Package of all 4 Grace Irwin books (Regular $101.80) $ 86.53


Least of All Saints by Grace Irwin

In this novel Grace Irwin has brought into vital focus the kind of religious conflict that anyone concerned with both reason and faith cannot long avoid. Her main concern is with a human being — Andrew Connington — and the human problem — belief and unbelief. "Perhaps the most outstanding Christian novel I have read," wrote Dr. Frank E. Gaebelein.

Subject: Fiction Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-8028-6015-X Can$18.95


The Seventh Earl by Grace Irwin

A dramatized biography on Anthony Ashley Cooper, the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, who is most widely remembered as a 19th-century British philanthropist and factory reformer. "This is Grace Irwin’s strongest and most poignant book . . . I have been moved and enriched by my hours with The Seventh Earl," wrote V.R. Mollenkott.

Time: 1801-1885 Age: 14-99

ISBN 0-8028-6059-1 Can$19.95


The Almost All-white Rabbity Cat by Meindert De Jong

Illustrated by H.B. Vestal

"At the dullest of all dull moments, the almost all-white cat came to him in the tiny, silent apartment, on the most impossible of rainy days when there was nothing but rain, and two goldfish."

To Barney, bored and homesick after a week in the city, the arrival of the cat — a cat who unlocked doors and who was nearly as rabbity as the thirty white rabbits he had left behind in the country — was a wonderful, miraculous thing. The cat led Barney and his parents on a merry chase, and when the incredible afternoon was over the family had gained a new understanding of loneliness — and of joy.

With his own special magic Meindert DeJong has created a warm and very human story about a remarkable cat and the equally remarkable people in her life. Here is a joyous and unforgettable book, written with humor and wisdom by a master storyteller.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-14

ISBN 978-1-77298-123-0 Can$15.95


Along Came A Dog

by Meindert De Jong

The long, cold winter was over. The little red hen had changed and the other chickens picked on her now, or ignored her altogether. Then one day a big black dog came to the farm in search of a home. The dog was humble and lonesome.

The hen was cocky, and lonesome, too. A strange and wonderful friendship grew between them. The dog protected the little red hen, but who would protect the big black dog from being chased off the farm? Who would convince the man who owned the farm that the dog truly belonged there?

"A moving story, full of suspense." —The Horn Book

"[The story] is treated by the author with delicacy and strength in lovely and lucid prose." —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

MEINDERT DE JONG was born in Wierum, a Frisian village in The Netherlands, and came to The United States of America when he was eight years old. The De Jong family settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Mr. De Jong grew up and was educated.

In 1962 Mr. De Jong was the first American to be awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Medal by the International Board on Books for Young People.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-14

ISBN 978-1-77298-117-9 Can$19.95


The House of Sixty Fathers by Meindert De Jong

This story is based on Mr. De Jong's own WW2 experiences in Japan!

Tien Pao is all alone in enemy territory. Only a few days before, his family had escaped from the Japanese army, fleeing downriver by boat. Then came the terrible rainstorm. Tien Pao was fast asleep in the little sampan when the boat broke loose from its moorings and drifted right back to the Japanese soldiers. With only his lucky pig for company, Tien Pao must begin a long and dangerous journey in search of his home and family.

"Not only a tense adventure story but also a moving picture of one small boy’s tenacious courage."

—The New York Times

Meindert De Jong is the author of the Newbery Medal-winning The Wheel on the School.

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-14

ISBN 978-1-77298-116-2 Can$21.95


Journey from Peppermint Street by Meindert De Jong

In his whole life, Siebren had never been farther than the neighboring village. He could hardly believe it when his mother said he could go on a trip with his grandfather. The night walk with Grandfather from the seacoast to the lonely marsh where Aunt Hinka lived was filled with danger and excitement.

And Siebren’s visit, climaxed by a tornado and an important discovery, turned out to be an adventure he would never forget. Siebren learns about fear and love and he returns to Peppermint Street to find an unexpected surprise waiting for him.

Meindert De Jong, winner of the Hans Christian Andersen and Newbery Medals, has produced a rich and rewarding experience for young readers in this compelling novel set in the Netherlands in the early 1900’s.

". . . a memorable portrayal of a young boy’s first journey from home . . . extraordinarily real and sensitive ..."

Los Angeles Times

". . . a strikingly original story . . . immediacy and suspense . . ."

The Horn Book

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-14

ISBN 978-1-77298-119-3 Can$24.95


The Last Little Cat by Meindert De Jong

Drawings by Jim McMullan

The last little cat was born in a kennel, surrounded by dogs and dog cages and dog noises. The little cat was always half cold and half hungry — until the day it fell into the cage of the old, blind dog.

Then, for a while, the last little cat was warm, and the last little cat was well fed. But how could such a small cat know that barn doors are closed at night and that there are people in the world who do not want to help a helpless kitten?

This story of how the last little cat found a home, and not only a home, but the perfect home, again confirms De Jong’s place among the finest writers of this or any day.

Subject: Fiction Age: 7-9

ISBN 978-1-77298-120-9 Can$15.95

Large Print Edition Can$23.95


Wheel On The School

by Meindert De Jong

Why did the storks no longer come to the little Dutch fishing village of Shora to nest? It was Lina, one of the six schoolchildren, who first asked the question, and she set the others to wondering. And sometimes when you begin to wonder, you begin to make things happen. So the children set out to bring the storks back.


They had to overcome many obstacles, including the fierce and threatening sea. But they wouldn’t give up — and soon their determination and their vision got the whole village working, until at last the dream began to come true.

"Written with dramatic power and a deep insight into the minds and hearts of children."

— ALA Booklist

Subject: Fiction Age: 10-14

ISBN 978-1-77298-118-6 Can$28.95


Leave Paul’s Pearl in the Chain by Klaas Schilder

(About Love!) and other articles

Perhaps you have heard that at several of those testimonies about the work of Paul a lot was said about the matter of love. That is no surprise. If you consider Paul as a contributor to Christian literature you will soon come to that famous poem of 1 Corinthians 13 . . . How often are you not confronted by that word? Not from within but by outsiders? Love! It is a beautiful pearl, that glorious chapter in one Corinthians. You can hear all kinds of people say that. Yet . . . Do you not also think that this beautiful song is often misunderstood? I certainly believe it. That is why I wanted to talk to you for a little while about that question. For often in your life — you will likely have many more years ahead of you than I — you will be encouraged? No, brushed off, with a reference to 1 Corinthians 13. At least if you stay where you are allowed to be. For it is a fact that people consider us obnoxious. They say that we are objectivists and terribly proud. And that we are so very obstinate and will have no unity talks with anyone.

ISBN 978-1-928136-59-0 Can$14.95


Christological Preaching on Historical Materials of the

Old Testament by M.B. Van’t Veer

Translated by John H. Piersma

. . . here, in principle, the way is shown to a clear presentation of the Christological character of preaching. Therefore it is truly unnecessary that we place next to the redemption-history method another element: the exemplary element or a "truth" element which is the foundation of exemplary preaching. Indeed it is so that this "exemplary element" can be discovered only in the redemption-history method, therefore Christologically.

Subject: Making Sermons Age: 19-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-088-2 Can$9.90




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DVD The True Christian History of America

by Christian J. Pinto

The True Christian History of America is a powerful documentary, showing the Bible-based Christian origins of the early American view of freedom, tracing the principles of liberty back to England and the great Reformation.

For many years, Americans have been taught in our schools and universities that the founding of our Republic was the result of the Enlightenment from France, or from the deists of that time. But is that truly the case? Did the Enlightenment first declare no taxation without representation? Or trial by jury? Were they the champions of free speech, or of the press? And why did Samuel Adams declare that the "reign of political Protestantism" would commence, just before signing the Declaration of Independence?

Filmed on location in the United States, as well as in England, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic, this informative documentary contains interviews with experts from around the world, who show that it was champions of the Gospel who pursued the cause of liberty across the centuries, and how it is their beliefs which are enshrined in the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Subject: History 1492-2020 Age: 12-99

DVD-IP18628 Can$35.00


DVD Vaxxed — From Cover-Up To Catastrophe

by Brian Hooker, William Thompson, etc

In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency's 2004 study on the Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism.

The scientist, Dr. William Thompson, confessed that the CDC had omitted crucial data in their final report that revealed a causal relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism. Over several months, Dr. Hooker records the phone calls made to him by Dr. Thompson who provides the confidential data destroyed by his colleagues at the CDC.

Dr. Hooker enlists the help of Andrew Wakefield, the British gastroenterologist falsely accused of starting the anti-vax movement when he first reported in 1998 that the MMR vaccine may cause autism. In his ongoing effort to advocate for children's health, Wakefield directs this documentary examining the evidence behind an appalling cover-up committed by the government agency charged with protecting the health of American citizens.

Interviews with pharmaceutical insiders, doctors, politicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children reveal an alarming deception that has contributed to the skyrocketing increase of autism and potentially the most catastrophic epidemic of our lifetime.

Now available with more subtitles: Chinese, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Subject: Health & Vaccination Age: 16-99

DVD-IP18627 Can$35.00


When the Wicked Seize a City by Chuck Mcllhenny

"The house is on fire!"

A highly publicized lawsuit . . . a house firebombed in the night . . . the shatter of windows smashed by politically (and wickedly) motivated vandals cuts into the night . . .

All because Chuck Mcllhenny voiced God’s condemnation of a behavior and life-style and protested the destruction of society that results from its practice. That behavior is homosexuality, and that life-style is the gay culture. He was subsequently hounded and terrorized in his own town.

This book explores the rise of gay power and what it will mean if Christians do not organize and prepare for the battle.

• "Chuck Mcllhenny is a dangerous man. If we had 10,000 more like him, America might experience a revival instead of suffering a moral decline. It is a call to arms for the rest of us." —Cal Thomas

• "Chuck and Donna Mcllhenny’s stand for freedom is a real example to those who find themselves up against the law . . . I was glad I had a small part in helping this man during his trial by fire. —John W. Whitehead

Chuck and Donna Mcllhenny continue to serve at the First Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Francisco where Chuck is the pastor. Frank York is a freelance writer and editor in Nashville, Tennessee.

Time: 1983-1991 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-109-4 (IP 18725) Can$18.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772981094 (IP 18732) Can$7.96

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David Lloyd’s Last Will by Hesba Stretton

Emerald Inheritance Series #1

The group of waiting, venerating teachers gathered eagerly around Mark Fletcher as he entered his private room, and one after another, with almost impatient haste, claimed his attention to themselves.

"I wish you would speak to Ann Maudsley," said one, with a discontented air; "she is above my hand. You know the girl? With red hair, and a wild, sulky look."

"I know her well," answered Mark, "and I will talk to her. She is a poor, desolate creature, with a harsh stepmother at home. If you can win her you will gain a triumph indeed. You will have patience with her still, I am sure."

The quiet smile with which he spoke received an answering smile.

"Mr. Fletcher," said another, "three more of my girls are out of work now. The mill stopped last week."

"What are their names?" he inquired.

"Alice and Charlotte Crocker, and Mary Fairclough," was the answer.

"They have a little money in our savings bank," replied Mark with a wonderful power of memory; "when that is gone, we will see what can be done."

"It is very hard work," said the young teacher sighing, heavily.

"Very hard," answered Mark, with a light in his eyes which made her downcast face brighter, "yet we know One whose whole life’s work was far harder."

Subject: Fiction Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-087-5 (IP 04254) Can$25.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772980875 (IP 18733) Can$8.96

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The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge

Emerald Inheritance Series #2

"There’s a regular brick for you!" cried Charles, delighted.

"His heart was set on training these birds. He turned the library upside down in search of books on falconry and spent every spare moment on them. At last, a servant left some door open, and they escaped. I shall never forget Guy’s passion; I am sure I don’t exaggerate when I say he was perfectly beside himself with anger."

"Poor boy!" said Mrs. Edmonstone.

"Served the rascal right," said Charles.

"Nothing had any effect on him till his grandfather came out, and, at the sight of him, he was tamed in an instant, hung his head, came up to his grandfather, and said — ‘I am very sorry.’ Sir Guy answered, ‘My poor boy!’ and there was not another word. I saw Guy no more that day, and all the next he was quiet and subdued. But the most remarkable part of the story is to come. A couple of days afterwards we were walking in the woods, when, at the sound of Guy’s whistle, we heard a flapping and rustling, and beheld, tumbling along, with their clipped wings, these two identical hawks, very glad to be caught. They drew themselves up proudly for him to stroke them, and their yellow eyes looked at him with positive affection."

"Pretty creatures!" said Amabel. "That is a very nice end to the story."

"It is not the end," said Philip. "I was surprised to see Guy so sober, instead of going into one of his usual raptures . . ."

Subject: Fiction Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-79-8 (IP 15064) Can$47.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781928136798 (IP 18734) Can$11.96

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WHP 11 Protestantism in Switzerland from its Establishment in Zurich in 1525 to the Death of Zwingli in 1531 by J.A. Wylie

Having seen and pondered over the two lessons put before him, Zwingli was now prepared for his work. A vacancy occurred in the Cathedral-church of Zurich. The revival of letters had reached that city, and the magistrates cast their eyes around them for some one of greater accomplishments than the chapter could supply to fill the post. Their choice fell on the Chaplain of Einsiedeln. Zwingli brought to Zurich a soul enlightened by Divine truth, a genius which solitude had nursed into ardour and sublimity, and a heart burning with indignation at the authors of his nation’s ruin. He firmly resolved to use his eloquence, which was great, in rousing his countrymen to a sense of their degradation. He now stood at the centre of the Republic, and his voice sounded in thrilling tones through all Switzerland. He proceeded step by step, taking care that his actual reforms did not outrun the stage of enlightenment his countrymen had reached. He shone equally as a pastor, as a writer, and as a disputant. He was alike at home in the council-chamber, in the public assembly, and in the hall of business. His activity was untiring.

Time: 1525-1531 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-048-6 Can$24.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772980486 (IP 18756) Can$7.96

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WHP 12 Protestantism in Germany from the Augsburg Confession to the Peace of Passau by J.A. Wylie

The prosperity of these peaceful days was, alas! disturbed by a most deplorable outbreak of lawless passion and horrible fanaticism. We have already narrated the tumults and bloodshed of which the provinces of Upper Germany were the scene about a decade before, caused by the efforts of men who had espoused principles that converted the liberty of the Gospel into worse than pagan licentiousness. The seeds of these evils were still in the soil, and the days of peace brought them to the surface a second time. In 1533, two Anabaptist prophets — John Matthias, a baker of Haarlem, and John Buckholdt, a tailor in Leyden — with a body of their followers, seized upon the city of Münster, in Westphalia, judging it a convenient spot from which to propagate their abominable tenets. They gave out that God had commissioned them to put down all magistracy and government, and establish the kingdom of heaven, which from its centre in Münster, or Mount Zion, as they styled it, was to reign over all the nations of the earth. Matthias, the baker, was the first monarch of this new kingdom.

Time: 1530-1556 Age: 13-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-049-3 Can$14.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772980493 (IP 18757) Can$7.96

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The Church Order Commentary (1941) by Idzerd Van Dellen & Martin Monsma

No Christian can observe and study life and the world in which we live without seeing that God loves order. The seasons of the year, our own bodies, and all things created tell us, in spite of the mars and scars of sin, that the great Creator of all things is a God of order. The Bible, God’s special revelation, tells us the same thing emphatically.

Now God is ever true to Himself. Sublime harmony and order mark His triune being. Consequently God can do nothing in a haphazard, slipshod fashion. That would militate against His very essence. That would be ruinous in its effect upon His creation.

For these reasons the Church at Corinth is also admonished: "But let all things be done decently and in order." (I Cor. 14:40.) And it is for the maintenance of good order in the Church of Christ, and for the promotion of its true welfare, that "offices, assemblies, supervision of doctrine, sacraments and ceremonies, and Christian discipline," have been instituted. For these same reasons our fathers of Reformation days accepted a limited set of rules regulating these several matters. These rules comprise our Church Order.

By maintaining well organized Churches with their, "offices, assemblies, etc." we vary definitely from certain mystical, inner-light groups who neglect all these important matters and even stand opposed to them. Our fathers definitely disagreed with the Anabaptists of the sixteenth century on this score, and felt persuaded by Holy Writ to sponsor well organized Churches.

Subject: Reformed Churches Age: 18-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-106-3 Can$31.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772981063 (IP 18740) Can$6.96

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Puritan in Holland, England, and America Vol. I & II

by Douglas Campbell

For the average Englishman who thinks of the Americans as a pure English race there is great excuse. Of their country, until within the past few years, he knew comparatively nothing, except that the English language was spoken here, and that at one time some of the states were British colonies. But with Americans the case is quite different. Many of them have visited Upper Canada and Nova Scotia, which are settled by a race almost wholly British in its origin. No one can see these Canadians without being struck at once with the contrasts between them and the men he meets at home. Still more of our people have within the past few years travelled in England. Certainly no intelligent American can remain there long, talk with peasant, farmer, and country squire, listen to the conversation in cars, hotels, and shops, experiment with a humorous story on a party of Englishmen, go beneath the mere surface of dress and language, and study the people as he does those of the Continent, and then believe that we are of the same race, except as members of the same Aryan division of the human family, with the same human nature.

Time: 1564-1800 Age: 16-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-010-3 vol. 1 Can$42.95

ISBN 978-1-77298-011-0 vol. 2 Can$45.95

ISBN 978-1-77298-009-7 Set of 2 Can$78.95


Gabrielle par Deborah Alcock

Histoire D’une Fiancée Au Temps De Calvin

Et le visage de Marsac parut s’illuminer à cette perspective. Ils étaient arrivés à la Porte Neuve, par laquelle ils rentrèrent en ville avec beaucoup d’autres étudiants qui revenaient de Plainpalais. En sui vant la Gorraterie, ils rencontrèrent Berthelier et Gabrielle qui se promenaient, profitant d’un temps exceptionnellement beau pour la saison. Les deux jeunes gens les saluèrent, — de Marsac en rougissant.

— Je ne savais pas que vous les connaissiez, dit Norbert.

— Oh! oui. Ne vous ai-je pas dit que j’allais les voir? La soeur de Berthelier, damoiselle Claudine, et moi, nous sommes bons amis. Il y a quelques années, lorsque je vins ici, presque un enfant, j’étais un jour au marché pour acheter des cerises, lorsque je vis la pauvre damoiselle presque hors d’elle-même tant elle était effrayée par les cris furieux d’un groupe de marchandes de poissons en dispute. C’était encore du temps où maître Calvin n’avait pas encore établi des règles pour le marché et la ville. Elle leur avait dit, ce qui était vrai, qu’elles cherchaient à la tromper. Je pris son parti, et la reconduisis chez elle. Elle m’en a été beaucoup plus reconnaissante que cela n’en valait la peine, et elle est restée pour moi une vraie amie. Ils sont au fait tous très bons pour moi, les Berthelier.

— Ne trouvez vous pas la jeune damoiselle très jolie? demanda Norbert. Je l’admire beaucoup.

— Elle est très belle, répondit de Marsac avec douceur.

French Edition of Under Calvin’s Spell

Time: 1542-1564 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-99-6 (IP 15889) Can$23.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781928136996 (IP 18735) Can$8.96

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Los Hermanos Españoles por Deborah Alcock

"No podia morir así por su fe. Al contrario, le había costado muy poco el ocultarlo. ¿Qué, pues, tenían ellos que él no tenia?... Algo que permitió que incluso el pobre, salvaje y apasionado Gonsalvo perdonara y orara por los asesinos de la mujer que amaba. ¿Qué era?"

Los hermanos españoles es un registro histórico preciso del surgimiento, progreso y caída de la Iglesia protestante en España. De manera especial, se puede mencionar la historia de los dos grandes Autos-da-fé (Actos de fe: marcha y ejecución de "herejes") en Sevilla. Lo único ficticio es lo correspondiente a la historia personal de los dos hermanos y sus familias.

Lo que no es ficticio, sino verdad absoluta, es que Dios recompensa a sus siervos fieles hasta cien veces más, incluso en esta vida, por todo lo que hagan y sufran por amor a su Nombre.

Deborah Alcock (1835-1913) nació y creció en Irlanda durante los años de escasez de papas, hija de John Alcock, ministro de la Iglesia Reformada de Inglaterra e Irlanda. Al igual que su padre, se interesó profundamente en la obra misionera entre católicos romanos. Sus libros contienen detalles muy precisos de la historia de la Iglesia en forma de narrativa y pertenecen a la mejor ficción histórica jamás escrita. Varias de sus novelas han sido traducidas al holandés, francés y alemán. La Editorial CLIR empieza con esta obra el proceso de traducir la mayoria de sus novelas para las futuras generaciones de habla hispana.

Spanish Edition of The Spanish Brothers

Time: 1550-1565 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-9930-531-90-7 Can$24.95


Os Irmãos Hespanhoes por Deborah Alcock

ou A Descoberta do "El Dorado"

Ruy é o diminutivo hespanhol de Rodrigo, segundo nome de João, e pelo qual, ele lá sabia porquê, preferia que o chamassem; bastou ser pronunciado por Carlos, para que se fizessem amigos como dantes. João não deu logar a que chamassem segunda vez; e, depois de se ter convencido de que a ferida do irmão não tinha grande importância, completou a reconciliação, passando o braço á roda do pescoço de Carlos, como os rapazes costumam fazer, quando querem mostrar a sua amizade.

Assim, e sem que se proferisse mais uma palavra, estava terminada a breve desinteligência. Também a chuva tinha cessado, e o sol começava de novo a mostrar-se. Fôra de facto a aparição do sol que fornecera a Carlos um pretexto para chamar o irmão.

«Olha, Ruy», disse elle, «dá o sol nas palavras de nosso pae»!

Portugese Edition of The Spanish Brothers

Time: 1550-1565 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-98-9 (IP 15890) Can$25.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781928136989 (IP 18736) Can$9.96

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Guillermo De Orange El Principe Taciturno por W.G. Van de Hulst

Ya sea que estés mayor o joven, disfrutarás esta biografia de Guillermo de Orange. Léela u obsequicla como un regalo de cumpleaños a tus hijos o nietos. Una fascinante historia de la vida real acerca de uno de los más grandes príncipes que ha existido, comparado por sus contemporáneos con el rey David, y con razón.

"Si alguna vez te preguntaste por qué los reformados holandeses de generaciones pasadas se sentían tan fuertemente vinculados con la realeza holandesa, debes leer este libro. De manera simple, comprensible para niños de diez años en adelante, el autor holandés, conocido por su literatura cristiana infantil, narra la verdadera historia del origen de la realeza holandesa. Todo comenzé con Guillermo de Nassau (1533-1584)"

—F. Pronk, The Messenger.

Willem Gerrit van de Hulst (1879-1963) fue un escritor holandés de libros infantiles, libros de texto y Biblias para niños. Fue maestro en Utrecht desde 1901, y de 1913 a 1940 fue el director de la misma escuela. Se estableció como autor de libros para niños con un toque cristiano y llegó a escribir una centena de libros, muchos de los cuales fueron ilustrados por su propio hijo W.G. van de Hulst Jr.

Spanish Edition of William of Orange, The Silent Prince

Time: 1533-1584 Age: 9-99

ISBN 978-9930-531-88-4 Can$16.95


Trois Mois Sous La Neige par J. J. Porchat

Journal D’un Jeune Habitant du Jura

Ce matin, a mon réveil, je me suis trouvé dans l’obscurité la plus complete, et j’ai d’abord suppose que le sommeil m’avait quitté plus tot que de coutume; cependant j’entendais mon grand-pere marcher a tatons, et je me suis frotté les yeux, mais je n’en voyais pas plus clair.—Grand-papa, ai-je dit, vous vous levez avant le jour!—Mon enfant, a-t-il répondu, si nous attendions que le jour nous eclairat, nous resterions longtemps au lit. Je crois que la neige depasse la fenetre.A cette nouvelle, j’ai poussé un cri d’effroi, et, sautant a bas du lit, j’ai allume bien vite notre lampe, et nous avons pu nous assurer que la triste supposition de mon grand-pere etait fondee.—Mais la fenetre est basse, a-t-il ajoute; d’ailleurs, il est probable que la neige a été amoncelee en cet endroit; peut-etre n’en verrions-nous pas deux pieds a quelques pas de la muraille.

French Edition of Three Months Under the Snow

ISBN 978-1-894666-88-6 (IP 15891) Can$16.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781894666886 (IP 18737) Can$7.96

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Om Woord En Kerk deel 5 door Klaas Schilder

Persschouw artikels 1924

For all the contents visit


Ter Rechter Tijd 9

Alice Nahon 14

Praktisch Christendom 25

Ook Zelfontwikkeling 27

Vaccinatie-rumoer 28

Domineeskinderen 38

Stigmatisatie?? 39

"Radio-gevaren" En Koster-oogen 75

Nederland En Het Zionisme 79

Op Den Uitkijk Binnen Onze Grenzen 6 243

Subject: Persschouw Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-102-5 (IP 18429) Can$34.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772981025 (IP 18738) Can$10.96


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Om Woord En Kerk deel 6 door Klaas Schilder

Persschouw artikels 1925

De Plompe Noordling 15

Over Keizer Augustus 16

Wat Is Syncretisme 18

De Zwijgende Vrouwen 20

De Gemeene Gratie 1 31

Over Geerten Gossaert 40

De Brochure Van Prof. Ridderbos 278

Waar Is Het Woud 279

De Taak Der Synode 279

Van Ossen 280

Subject: Persschouw Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-103-2 (IP 18618) Can$34.95


DOWNLOAD E-BK ISBN 9781772981032 (IP 18739) Can$10.96

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Gedenkt Uw Voorgangeren door Rudolf Van Reest e.a.

In Memoriam Prof. Dr K. Schilder 1890-1952

Verzamelde artikelen over Schilder in De Reformatie en heel veel andere bladen.

Time: 1890-1952 Age: 13-99





Jan Zwart 1877-1937 door Feike Asma

& Ds. A.J. Kret

Een Profeet op de Orgelbank

Gedenkboek ter gelegenheid van de officiële herdenking van zijn leven en werken, gedurende het jaar 1957 voorbereid in de kring van zijn duizenden vrienden.

Time: 1877-1937 Age: 15-99

IP 18826 Can$27.95


Harmonium School by Heinrich Bungart

The famous German Harmonium book Harmonia Schule used by countless organists for decades all over the world.

For more Organ Music

on Psalms & Hymns



IP 15303 cover left Can$18.95

IP 15056 cover right Can$18.95


Scout: The Haunted Castle by Piet Prins

Tom and Scout are on vacation with Tom's two best friends, Carl and Bert, and his sisters, Ina and Miriam. On their rambles through the woods, the group of young people are stopped one day by customs officials. They are accused of being in league with a gang of criminals who are smuggling goods across the nearby German border. Scout's reputation as a tracking dog has preceded him, and soon the young people are helping both the police and the customs officials. The mystery of the haunted castle, a coded message hidden under a tree, a gang of smugglers that can vanish at will, a burglary without clues — they all come together when Tom and Scout tumble over a four-hundred-year-old secret. Suddenly, however, Tom is no longer looking for adventure but fighting for his very life.

Subject: Fiction Age: 9-99

Regular Book ISBN 1-894666-44-5 Can$12.95


Audio book read by Maddie Desmond

Audio Book 4CDs ISBN 978-1-77298-110-0 (IP18646) Can$34.95


CDMP3 ISBN 978-1-77298-111-7 (IP18643) Can$24.95


Download A-Bk Scout 2 Can$19.95

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