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Dear Friends,

Twelve New Books! Great Canadian Stories, a Reformation story,

two long awaited reprints of W.G. Van de Hulst, and great theological books!


In the 1990s a sister-in law advised me to reprint a series of books entitled "Great Canadian Stories". We obtained used copies of most titles but found many of them not very exciting. Yet, last year a customer requested us to reprint Runner of the Woods which was hard to find even as a used book. It is well-known that good books are often rare, high priced when available second hand, and hard to find. After having recently read six or seven of the "Great Canadian Stories" we selected the three best titles and decided to reprint those.

They are not Christian books but clean books and, like most of our books, real page-turners. And they are very educational. Recommended highly for age 12 and up.



The Salt-Water Men by Joseph Schull

Canada’s Deep-Sea Sailors

Canadian Inheritance Series # 1

The Salt-Water Men is a tale of great captains and great seamen. They were Canadians, or they sailed in ships Canadians had built, and most of their names have been forgotten, even in the ports from which their tall-masted vessels put out. But now Joseph Schull has brought these iron men in their wooden ships to life again. Here is James Smith who built the Marco Polo at Saint John, New Brunswick, and Bully Forbes who sailed her ("the fastest ship in the world" ) and wore her name on his tombstone when he died. Here is W.D. Lawrence and his son in-law, Jim Ellis of Shubenacadie, and the mighty W.D. Lawrence, "the largest sailing ship afloat."

This is the story of these men, and others like them who came late to the age of sail with the new age of steel and steam advancing on them even as they began their brief career on blue water. Yet they had time to forge into the front ranks of the world’s seamen, and to make the name of "Blue-nose" famous on every sea. Shipbuilders and shipmasters, they were sharp business men, and they were sometimes tough and brutal sailors. But they knew their trade and they loved it, and we shall not see their like again. This is their story, against a background of storm and shipwreck, drownings and disasters, and triumphs over the cruel sea.

Time: 1850-1910 Age 12-99

SCHULL, JOSEPH - CIS 1 SALT-WATER MEN-SEA SAILORS - 978-1-77298-076-9 - CAD$ 16.95



Runner of the Woods by C.T. RITCHIE

The Story of Young Radisson

Canadian Inheritance Series # 2

His full name was Pierre Esprit Radisson. His parents had crossed the ocean from France in 1651 to settle in the new village of Three Rivers. Outside the palisades of this village, an Indian war raged. Pierre was sixteen years old when he was captured by a Mohawk band while out hunting. The word Mohawk meant man-eater, and young Radisson knew he was at the mercy of one of the most-feared Iroquois tribes.

He was adopted by the Mohawks, saved from death by his courage. In the time he lived with them, he gained a knowledge of their ways that served him well in future years. It kept him alive when his first escape attempt failed, and helped him to make his next escape successful. He spent a year in France, and returned to join a settlement in the heart of Iroquois country. The Indians had plotted a massacre of the settlers, and it was Radisson’s awareness of Mohawk customs, combined with his calculated bravery, that deprived them of their victims.

Then began Radisson’s boldest venture, a journey up the Ottawa River to Lake Superior. At that time, the Iroquois strangle-hold on the Ottawa — with war canoes on the river, and forts built at almost every major portage — had reduced the fur trade from the interior to a trickle. Radisson and his brother-in-law Groseilliers broke through the blockade twice, once going up-river, and again when they returned with a magnificent cargo of furs. On the shores of Lake Superior Pierre Radisson first saw the prime beaver pelts brought overland from the Cree Indians of the north. He conceived the idea of trading directly with the Cree through Hudson Bay — a stroke of imagination that shaped the future of Canada.

In this true story of a remarkable fighter and explorer, C.T. Ritchie carries the reader with rare skill from one thrilling incident to the next. The atmosphere of earliest times is conveyed with vivid exactness.

Time: 1850-1910 Age 12-99

RITCHIE, C.T. - CIS 2 RUNNER OF WOODS - RADISSON - 978-1-77298-077-6 - CAD$ 16.95



The First Canadian by C.T. Ritchie

The Story of Champlain

Canadian Inheritance Series # 3

"Bring back a full report," King Henri of France said to Samuel Champlain. Three months later, Champlain followed the path of Cartier up the River of Canada to the place that the Indians called Kebek and which Champlain noted in his report as Quebec.

There began the story of Champlain, a record of unequalled sacrifice and devotion to duty, here told with a fine sense of colour and drama. In this story Champlain is seen to be something more than a courageous adventurer. He emerges as a visionary of proud spirit, with resources of integrity and a depth of faithfulness that made him respected even by his enemies.

Perhaps his greatest enemy was the Indian, the Iroquois. To fall into their hands meant an end more terrible than death. In alliance with the friendly but unpredictable Montagnais and Algonquins, Champlain fought the Iroquois, sailing into the heart of their country, seeking them out, attacking their fleets of war canoes and storming their forts.

To make the River of Canada, later the St. Lawrence, safe for the canoes of the fur traders, Champlain suffered wounds from the arrows of the Iroquois . . .

Time: 1850-1910 Age 12-99

RITCHIE, C.T. - CIS 3 FIRST CANADIAN - CHAMPLAIN - 978-1-77298-078-3 - CAD$ 16.95



A series of books we have often been asked to publish in English are the three books on Simon Gieke. It is an important story about the first few years of the Dutch War of Independence from the King of Spain (the eighty-years-war). This is a story that will encourage your children (and yourself) to walk in the ways of the Lord, thus causing you the greatest joy!


Simon Gieke 1: The Heretic of the Swamps

by Mevahor

Simon Gieke was a man in the prime of his life. His father and mother had died when he was very young: he had never known them. An uncle had taken him in when Simon was just a boy. He had not enjoyed any kind of upbringing. He received food, drink, and clothing. Nothing else. There was no education of any kind. What good would that do? Even his uncle had been unable to read or write. The uncle had been a rough, fearsome fellow who wandered about in the huge commons, trying to make his living by hunting, fishing, and poaching. He would steal whatever he could lay hands on. Whoever could, avoided him. When he had money, he spent it in the tavern with other rowdy characters. There he was a dangerous man who picked fights and pulled out his knife for the smallest provocation. In reality, he terrorized the whole village and its surroundings. Whenever something seemed to be missing and people were certain he had taken it, no one dared report him.

What a relief it was for Scherpenisse when they heard the uncle had died. No one really knew how he had come to his end. Most assumed he had suffocated in the water and mud. One January morning, he had gone into the commons. It had been freezing for several days and during the night there had been a heavy snowfall. He must have gone through the ice. No one had heard any more about him until a haymaker had found him in a deep slough the following summer. They had recognized him because of his vaulting pole and musket.

Simon had been eighteen years old at the time and had not shed many tears for the uncle whom he succeeded. And what kind of successor? In churlishness and godlessness, he exceeded even his uncle. He wanted nothing to do with religion but ranted and raved at the parish priest and never performed a single religious duty. He was a total heathen, who cursed and drank even more than his uncle had done. Everyone avoided him as much as they could. Many crossed themselves when they had to pass his house. However, in one thing he differed favourably from his uncle: he never stole. No one had ever complained that he had stolen from them.

Time: 1566 Age: 14-99

MEVAHOR - SIMON GIEKE 1 - HERETIC OFTHE SWAMP - 9781772980844 - CAD$ 19.95



The Old Man and His Dog & The Window in the Roof are some of the best books by Van de Hulst and we are very pleased to finally have them available again. Your children and you will love them!


SCL25 The Old Man and His Dog

by W.G. Van De Hulst

It is old Jake’s job to pick up and deliver milk early every morning. Jake, however, is becoming very old — too old and tired for the job. He is able to carry on only because of the faithful, spirited dog that pulls his dogcart. Jake and Jamie are a team. The dog’s exuberance inspires the old man, and the old man’s kindness inspires the dog. The two are very devoted to and dependent on one another.

But Jake isn’t really Jamie’s owner. Jamie belongs to Mr. Boon . . .

VAN DE HULST, W.G. - SCL25 OLD MAN AND HIS DOG, THE - 978-1-77298-079-0 - CAD$ 15.95




SCL26 The Window in the Roof

by W.G. Van De Hulst

When his mother was taken to the hospital, nine-year-old Hank thought his world was falling apart. Gruff, bad-tempered Mrs. Triggers had to take his mother’s place. But Hank could not talk to Mrs. Triggers.

One night Hank found himself accused . . . . He felt very lonely and abandoned in a huge, dark world. If only he had his mother to talk to. She would believe him.

When Hank looked up through the window in the roof and remembered that he was not alone . . . .

VAN DE HULST, W.G. - SCL26 WINDOW IN THE ROOF, THE - 978-1-77298-080-6 - CAD$ 12.95




About 10 years ago I special ordered a used copy of Kerktaal en Leven (Church Language and Life) by Klaas Schilder from the Netherlands, a book that I read very quickly and appreciated very much. For years I have been planning to get all of Schilder’s works translated and published in English. His great trilogy on the sufferings of Christ (about 1500 pages) may well be the greatest work ever written after the books of the Bible itself. Yet I knew that Kerktaal en Leven, though also of great interest to the English reading public, would be hard to translate. Great was my surprise to get a phonecall from Rev. R. Stienstra that he had finished translating all four volumes of Om Woord en Kerk, and even greater was my surprise that vol. 3 includes the complete edition of Kerktaal en Leven. The irony of it all was that I have had all four volumes of Om Woord en Kerk in my library for many years and even translated some of it’s meditations for Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Thank you very much! Rev. Stienstra. These volumes are bound to enrich many of God’s people until the Last Day.



by Klaas Schilder

1. SERMONS: 1. The Sign of the Return of the Ark - 2. The Wise Men from the East and the Word of God - 3. Christ’s Conscious Choice of the Cup of Death - 4. The Second Sign of Pentecost - 5. Pentecost and World Judgment - 6. The Glory of the Future Renewal of all Things - 7. Do Not Refuse - 8. Christ Tempted on Account of the Temple

2. PUBLIC LECTURES: 1. They are but Men - 2. No Two Kinds of Seed - 3. Head or Tail?

3. MEDITATIONS: 1. Let the Dying Die - 2. Then they will Walk like Blind Men - 3. Do Not Run Away - 4. The Battle for the Banner - 5. Burning Hearts - 6. Covering and Preparedness - 7. The First Apology - 8. David’s Harp, but not David’s Psalm - 9. Blood and Song - 10. Confession - 11. Demonstrated Unresponsiveness - 12. All Things Continue.

4. EXPLAINING GOD’S WORD: 1. The Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit - 2. The Viewing - 3. The Celebration of Christmas and Redemptive History - 4. About the Number 666 - 5. For and Against.

Subject: Theology, History, Doctrine Age:14-99

SCHILDER, KLAAS - FOR WORD AND CHURCH 1 - SCHILDER - 978-1-77298-069-1 - CAD$ 26.95



by Klaas Schilder

1. BUILDING THE CHURCH: 1. Mandatory Education - 2. Simony in its Modern Form - 3. Liduina of Schiedam - 4. Soon it will be Prayer Day - 5. Church Service and Séance - 6. Comical or Tragical? - 7. All Souls Day - 8. Reformed Judaism? - 9. Ministerial Calculations - 10. The Athenian Disaster - 11. Rhetoric and Reverence - 12. Also a Vow! - 13. Church and Art - 14. An Apprehensive Mood - 15. Also a Hazard - 16. No Return to Pentecost - 17. The Satanic Attack and the Unity of the Church - 18. Pulpit Oddities - 19. The Puzzle of the Presumed O - 20. "Fathers and Brothers" - 21. "The" Word about "the" Minister. - 22. Rev. Wisse - 23. Twofold Scales - 24. Tall Tales - 25. Youth Elder - 26. The Punishment of Workers - 27. Travel Impressions - 28. A Game of Words — that’s all . . . no more! - 29. Public Intercessory Prayer - 30. Church Music - 31. Nomination Grief - 32. Working Together - 33. Empathy - 34. Roman Catholics and We - 35. The Veritable Works of the Devil - 36. Organ Music - 37. Galileo and Geelkerken - 38. ‘Here’ - 39. Some Comments about ‘Word and Spirit.’ - 40. Getting Teeth. - 41. The Open Tap.

2. CONTENDING FOR THE TRUTH: 1. The Infant Jesus and the Important People. - 2. The Celebration of Salvation and We - 3. Presumed Faith - 4. The Searchlight.

3. EVALUATING THE FACTS OF THE DAY: 1. Is There Compassion? - 2. Reformation Celebration or Reformation Confusion? - 3. Bartholomew Night Recalled - 4. After Three Hundred Years - 5. His Last Moments - 6. Rubinism and Spiritualism - 7. First Thanksgiving Day Service after the War - 8. Tagore in the Netherlands - 9. The Reformation - 10. Tagore and Dr. Veltenaar - 11. A Miraculous Statue of Christ - 12. Concerning a Jewish professor in ‘Theology’.

4. ON THE PATHS OF POLITICS: 1. The Voting of Women - 2. Christ and Caesar - 3. Remarkable Inconsistencies - 4. The House of Orange and Church Life - 5. Was William of Orange Revolutionary?

5. SAYING FAREWELL AND BEING RECEIVED: 1. Saying Farewell - 2. Saying Farewell - 3. Appointed as Professor.

Subject: Theology, History, Doctrine Age:14-99

SCHILDER, KLAAS - FOR WORD AND CHURCH 2 - SCHILDER - 978-1-77298-070-7 - CAD$ 26.95



by Klaas Schilder

1. FAITH AND RELIGION: 1. The Possibility - 2. The Reasonableness - 3. The Truthfulness - 4. The Assurance of Religion.

2. DARBISTS: 1. The History of Darbism - 2. The Doctrine of Darbism - 3. Critique of Darbism.


4. CHURCH LANGUAGE AND LIFE: §1 The Church and her Language - 1. Introduction - 2. Freedom for Poetry - 3. The Bondage of the Prose - §2 Previous Church Language: ‘The Language of Canaan’ - 1. The Development of a ‘Language of Canaan’ - 2. Distortion of the Concept - 3. Typical Phenomena of the ‘Language of Canaan’ - 4. Impact among the People.- §3 Contemporary Church Language - 1. As used by the Ultra Reformed - 2. Excesses - 3. Taunting - 4. With Reformed Church Members - 5. Review and Evaluation - 6. Concerning the Reformed Churches - 7. Summary- §4 Biblical Data - 1. Liberty, not Licentiousness - 2. The Lesson of Pentecost - 3. Jesus and the Aramaic - 4. Paul and the ‘Idiots’ - 5. The Example from the New Testament and Missions - 6. Summary- §5 The Roman Catholic Practice - 1. Rome and the dead Language - 2. Rome and the living Language - 3. Roman Catholics compared with us - §6 The Liberation of the Church Language - 1. The first Requirement - 2. The Illustration - 3. Christian Liberty - 4. No ‘Enthusiasm’ - 5. No ‘Artificial Language’ - 6. No Old Dutch Bible Language - 7. Bible Language? - 8. In Conclusion.

Subject: Theology, History, Doctrine Age:14-99

SCHILDER, KLAAS - FOR WORD AND CHURCH 3 - SCHILDER - 978-1-77298-071-4 - CAD$ 22.95



by Klaas Schilder

§1 ‘FREEMASONRY’ - 1. Introduction - 2. The Requirement of Caution - 3. Name and Understanding - 4. Growth - 5. Influence - 6. Doctrine and Morality - 7. Organization and Method of Working - 8. Critique - 9. Literature.



§4 AESTHETIC CONSIDERATION OF CHRIST - 1. Introduction - 2. ‘Our Secret of Christ’ - 3. Respect for the ‘Secret of Christ’! - 4. The motionless Christ - 5. The non -violent Cross - 6. Pantheistic and Panchristianistic Traits - 7. Traces of it with our Intellectuals - 8. Slackening of the Adhesion to Doctrine - 9. Relationships in our own Literature - 10. Our Principle in Opposition to it - 11. Our Action in Return.

§5 FROM THE ‘CHRONICLES’: 1. Agathei tuchei - 2. No Liberal Administration - 3. ‘The Spoilsport’ and Wanja - 4. Thiroplusios Laoskardi to Kolinios - 5. Lights for the Day, or for the Night? - 6. Not a ‘tad’ remains of Tattletale - 7. City Council News - 8. Growth - 9. The Delusion dispersed - 10. Protestant or protesting Windows - 11. Marcellus Emants (1848 -1923) - 12. The Free University II - 13. Bollandisma and More - 14. About being at the Southern Sea - 15. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart - 16. Once More ‘666’ - 17. Lioba and cluck-cluck - 18. The Spirit of Schaepman and Gezelle - 19. Toward Christmas - 20. The Way Out - 21. The Beginning - 22. The Chimes - 23. Mephisto and the Crisis - 24. Van Eeden at Lloyd George - 25. The Man and the Woman according to the latest Consideration - 26. Newer Prophecy - 27. About Rascal and Scoundrel - 28. Cetera - 29. Only One - 30. Right or Left Side - 31. ‘Are you . . . ?’ - 32. The Mass in the Stadium - 33. Extremities and Archaisms - 34. Concerning Craftiness and Evangelism - 35. About Books - 36. ‘The golden Bok’ - 37. The ‘Force Field’.

Subject: Theology, History, Doctrine Age:14-99

SCHILDER, KLAAS - FOR WORD AND CHURCH 4 - SCHILDER - 978-1-77298-072-1 - CAD$ 21.95


Rev. Stienstra had another surprise. He also translated Eeuwig Leven (Eternal Life) by Rev. R. Timmerman (the minister who led the funeral service of my father nearly 35 years ago). This book also will be appreciated by many people.



Eternal Life by Rev. R. Timmerman

A Vision of the Biblical Future

Discussions about the life after this life very often concentrate on the question: "Will we be able to recognize each other?" It is an important question, but not the only one you should ask. Whoever only asks the question concerning "recognition," posits wrong accents. What is less important then becomes most important.

Then a discussion about the future life will contain questions such as: Will we meet each other again? Will a man be aware of the fact that a particular woman was his wife on earth? Will parents recognize their children and children their parents? Will you know: that was my teacher, and with that girl I participated in evangelism programs? These questions may certainly be asked. But the matter of "recognizing" must not become the exclusive issue in our thinking about the future life.

Subject: Theology, History, Doctrine Age:16-99

TIMMERMAN, R. - ETERNAL LIFE -VISION OF BIBL.FUTURE - 978-1-77298-073-8 - CAD$ 16.95



Lastly, (not least), I also was pleasantly surprised to receive a manuscript about S.G. de Graaf (the author of True Faith & Promise and Deliverance) and his works by Rev. H. Wendt of The Netherlands. On the back of Volume 2 of our reprint of Promise and Deliverance I wrote:

The late Rev. Simon Gerrit De Graaf (1889-1955) was a minister in the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands. His close affinity to Klaas Schilder, leader of one of the most important reformational movements, is evident in most of his works. Since one may question why their ways parted in 1944, it is important to realize that Schilder was suspended and De Graaf was not. When the synodical leaders realized that many faithful members were following Schilder (though those members believed they were simply faithful to God in their liberation of sinful synodical actions) they used especially De Graaf to bring reconciliation, or, perhaps more accurately, to put the members of the church in a smoke screen. They refrained from suspending him because they realized very well that a second exodus would follow. Time has clearly proven the faithfulness of Klaas Schilder and "his" followers while the "synodical" churches have been absorbed into the liberal Protestant Church in The Netherlands. Yet, today, several new reformations have come about from the so-called "liberated churches" in The Netherlands. Also in those churches it is/was evident that reformation and deformation follow each other in nearly every generation, just as in the Israel of the Old Testament. May the republication of De Graaf’s influential work Promise and Deliverance, here presented in translation, promote the former and combat the latter in the life of you, your family, and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ today.

Today, in 2019, Rev. Wendt may well be in a similar situation as Rev. De Graaf in the 1940s and 50s. May the Lord grant him wisdom not to follow a similar ecclesiastical error as Rev. De Graaf.

There is no greater joy than when we see our children walking in the ways of the Lord. For that reason we have published these new books. And also for that reason we published the monumental three large volumes, The History of Protestantism, last year. Share with us in these riches. Order these books for your children and grandchildren and for other generations to come if the Lord Jesus does not return soon.



S.G. de Graaf by H.T. Wendt

Life, Influences, Theology

A Preliminary Study

As is the case with other prophets, the name of S.G. de Graaf (author of Promise and Deliverance, The True Faith, and many other books) is basically a forgotten name in the Netherlands. The newest generation of theologians, to which Rev. Wendt belongs, has barely even heard of De Graaf. Indeed, he seems to be better known abroad than in his own country.

This book is a revision of a thesis Rev. Wendt wrote at the Theological University of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands.

This study was written from De Graaf’s own point of view. This means that the tone is sometimes critical when the author discusses remarks or viewpoints of men like Schilder, Holwerda, and Greijdanus. This does not mean, however, that Rev. Wendt does not also greatly value what these men have written.

Subject: Theology, History, Doctrine Age:16-99

WENDT, H.T. - S.G. de GRAAF:LIFE,INFLUENCE,THEOLO - 9781772980837 - CAD$ 16.95


For the glory of His Name.


N.B. Amelie Viersen has become Amelie Rook and in the last few months we have completed several more CDs (and soon DVDs), of the


Stories Children Love series by W.G. Van De Hulst

A Dutch family in England wrote us that they really liked the Video Books to learn their English and that inspired us with the idea to eventually make the whole series available both in Dutch and English (pages side by side on video) so that young and old can improve themselves in both languages. Already many years ago we recorded our children's grandmother reading five of the stories in Dutch and recently Beppe Theresa read a sixth one in Dutch for our oldest granddaugther.

In February we completed the downloadable audio versions of SCL04 and SCL11 which means that we have now 12 available.

It is still possible to order the whole series at a greater discount then when all are available! So, do not wait!


Order the complete download set of all 21 Audio Books or Video Books

of the

Stories Children Love series by W.G. Van De Hulst

and save 20%

12 Audio books and 10 Video Books are now available and we hope soon to have the rest done!


The new ones will be supplied as downloads when they become available.

When all the Audio books are available the discount for the whole set will be only 15% (Reg. 21 x 6.88 = 144.48 minus 15% = CAD$122.81)!


(as if 104.58 PLUS 11.00 for p&h to save Inheritance Publications from having to refund the shipping).


Set of 21 download video books - Van de Hulst, W.G. - Set 21SCL VBK DWNL - CAD$133.90

(as if 122.90 PLUS 11.00 for p&h to save Inheritance Publications from having to refund the shipping).




VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL01 LITTLE WOODEN SHOE - CD 9781928136019 - CAD$ 9.95




VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL03 BRUNO THE BEAR - CD 9781928136033 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL04 BASKET - CD 9781928136040 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - CD 9781928136057 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - CD 9781928136064 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - CD 9781928136071 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL08 WOODS BEYOND THE WALL - CD 9781928136088 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - CD 9781928136095 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - CD 9781928136101 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL11 THREE LITTLE HUNTERS - CD 9781928136118 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - CD SCL12 SEARCH FOR CHRISTMAS - CD 9781928136125 - CAD$ 9.95



VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL01 LITTLE WOODEN SHOE - DVD 9781928136019 - CAD$ 9.95




VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL03 BRUNO THE BEAR - DVD 9781928136033 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL05 LOST IN THE SNOW - DVD 9781928136057 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL06 ANNIE AND THE GOAT - DVD 9781928136064 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL07 BLACK KITTEN - DVD 9781928136071 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL08 WOODS BEYOND THE WALL - DVD 9781928136088 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL09 MY MASTER AND I - DVD 9781928136095 - CAD$ 9.95


VAN DE HULST, W.G. - DVD SCL10 PIG UNDER THE PEW - DVD 9781928136101 - CAD$ 9.95




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