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The First Campaign of Arnold Viersen by Ronald Van Reest will be available at 25% discount till December 31, 2017

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Dear Friends,

On Monday, December 4, 2017 in a session of parliament, the Australian MP Tim Wilson publicly proposed to marry Ryan Bolger, his partner of seven years.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017, was a black day in Canada’s history. On behalf of all Canadians the Prime Minister Trudeau apologized to members of the LGBT community who were ex-members of the Federal Service for all the injustice done to them. He said to them, "You served your country with integrity and courage; you are professionals; you are patriots; and, above all: you are innocent. For all your suffering you deserve justice; you deserve peace."

In both of these cases we see rulers resisting God’s good laws, declaring innocent whom God condemns. Sometimes we do not know how to respond. It is very important to take to heart an important message of Klaas Schilder, written 80 years ago, translated and read aloud for you.


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The complete text on 48 full color pages!

A little wooden shoe is found floating on the water, and suddenly Henry’s guilty little secret has stirred up the whole village. If only he had told his father! Now the miller, the policeman, the mayor, and the whole village are involved. Henry’s whole world seems to be pointing the finger of shame at him. But the mayor, the policeman, and the miller and his wife have a little secret of their own. A day of shame is turned into a day of celebration!


CAD$ 27.95

All 21 books, reprinted in 2014, are still available, as listed below, as well as Audio and Video Books of some titles.


By God’s grace I personally believe I have done very little active injustice to the LGBT community. Perhaps I should have been more active in promoting the books by Rosaria Butterfield. She wrote The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert and Openness Unhindered. Rosaria, an ex-lesbian, is perfectly right when, in passing, she also stresses the importance of singing Psalms.    

We are pleased to announce that our new Canadian website is working.



On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, we will publish, (the Lord willing it was published on December 13), The First Campaign of Arnold Viersen by Ronald Van Reest. The author’s wish is to mobilize more solid Christian people to follow in the steps of Arnold. Arnold became an MP two years ago. It is unfortunate that Lawrence Toet was not re-elected in 2015, but hopefully he will be in two years. In the mean time Arnold’s cousin was elected as MPP in Ontario and James Teitsma as MLA in Manitoba. May God also bless Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence.

Perhaps these are clouds as a man’s hand, but we may be certain God is at work!

J.A. Wylie’s History of Protestantism is nearly ready for the printer. Two volunteer proofreaders need time to do the final reading. Please note that the pre-publication price ends on January 1, 2018. This is one of the best "Reformation Packages" for you and your family. The Canadian price may fluctuate, likely more up than down, as long as Mr. Trudeau is in control.


May the Lord bless you!

Roelof A. Janssen


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. . . showing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD . . . (Ps. 78:4b)


YBH13 The First Campaign of Arnold Viersen by Ronald Van Reest

“It sure feels good,” said Arnold, “driving an old car to start my first campaign. That’s how many politicians have done it.”“Indeed,” said Ronald, thinking of a story about the well-known preacher, Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral in California. Apparently, Rev. Schuller and his wife had begun their ministry, travelling in an old Volkswagenbus. They would park it at a street corner and he preached from the roof of the bus. Rev. Schuller was not known for orthodoxy, but his humble beginnings were certainly worthy of admiration. “So this is your first campaign trip?”“Yes, apart from going door to door. I have signed up more than two hundred people locally. But several hundred more will be needed in order to win the nomination. Tony Van Pater said that if he had had three hundred more supporters, he would have won his nomination.”

Time: 2015 Age: 12-99 ISBN 978-1-77298-034-9

CAD$9.95 US$7.90


CAD$ 9.95 (CAD$7.45 till December 31, 2017)


The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert and Openness Unhindered by Rosaria Butterfield are two of the MOST IMPORTANT books. Rosaria, an ex-lesbian, is perfectly right when, in passing, she also stresses the importance of singing Psalms.

Secret Thoughts:

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Openness Unhindered

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Gold, Frankincense,

and Myrrh

Daily Meditations on the Bible

by Klaas Schilder

"For whoever has, to him more will be given." For this reason the wise men came to honour the King with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But that was only at the hour of promise. Promises are not expensive. Yet, how God tested them when they found the Child! There was no throne for Him. And there were no people either. Their star did not rest above a palace. Then in their hearts they thought of another truth, "Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken away." They would not have said it in these words, yet the question would have burned in their hearts, "Should we take the treasures back again? The King is not what we dreamt . . ." But God overcame them: they truly opened their treasure bags for Him and all was indeed for Him! The wise men understood that it is easy to imagine giving gifts to a Lord of our imagination, but it is difficult to give treasures to a King who makes no effort to be as we considered Him to be.

— from the meditation of January 1

4 volumes


E-Books & Audio books

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E-Book of all 4 volumes Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh by Klaas Schilder


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Audio Book of all 4 volumes Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh by Klaas Schilder


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Audio Book on 24 Compact Discs CAD$69.95

DVD-ROM with MP3 Files & Ebooks

with both the English and Dutch editions of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

met zowel de Nederlandse en Engelse edities van Goud, Wierook en Myrrhe

by / door

Klaas Schilder

More than 60hours of Biblical education on more than 800 audio files

(includes also all complete articles on MP3 files -- undivided -- of the longer mediatations that are divided for the daily meditations)

All Meditations are read in Dutch and English by Roelof A. Janssen

Includes Schilder’s own voice in the Dutch edition of Your Ecumenical Task

Heeft ook een MP3 versie van de originele toespraak van Klaas Schilder

Uw Oecumenische Taak, zoals uitgezonden in 1951 op de Radio


SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 1 - 9781894666848 - CAD$ 13.95

SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 2 - 9781894666855 - CAD$ 13.95

SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 3 - 9781894666862 - CAD$ 13.95

SCHILDER, KLAAS - GOLD, FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH - VOL. 4 - 9781894666879 - CAD$ 13.95

Audio CD Your Ecumenical Task

by Klaas Schilder

read by Roelof A Janssen

Translated from the Dutch into English. The original Dutch version is also available on CD and included on both the above-mentioned DVD and the DVD with PDF files of De Reformatie.

“. . . so good, so encouraging, so Scriptural,

the best speech I’ve ever heard.”

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Also included on CD:

Stigmatized & Princes and Nobles

by Klaas Schilder


Nederlandse Editie / Dutch Edition

Nederlandse Editie / Dutch Edition


9781894666350 - CAD$ 59.95


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9781894666282 - CAD$ 17.95


In the Fall of 2017 we sent several emails about the History of Protestantism. To keep relevant information on hand we have copied that below.


Please enjoy, and increase your greatest joy, with the following excerpt from 


It is partly from the pages 492 and 493 of vol. 3 of The History of Protestantism by J.A. Wylie about the First Sermon of John Knox at St. Andrews.

. . . Duped by the queen, they had stood quietly by and witnessed these irreparable sacrifices. The reform promised them was as far off as ever. Abbot, bishop, and cowled monk were lifting up the head higher than before. A French army had been brought into the country, and the independence and liberties of Scotland were menaced. [Memoirs of Sir James Melvil, p. 49; Edinburgh, 1735.] This was all the Reformers had reaped by giving ear to the delusive words of Mary of Guise. While other countries had established their Reformation Scotland lingered on the threshold, and now it found itself in danger of losing not only its Reformation, but its very nationality. The lords of the Congregation, therefore, resolved to set up the Reformed worship at once in all those places to which their authority extended, and where a majority of the inhabitants were favourable to the design. [M’Crie, Life of Knox, vol. i, pp. 264, 265.]

A commencement was to be made in the ecclesiastical metropolis of Scotland. The Earl of Argyle and Lord James Stuart, Prior of St. Andrews, arranged with Knox to meet in that city on an early day in June, and inaugurate there the Protestant worship. The archbishop, informed of Knox’s coming, hastened in from Falkland with 100 spears, and sent a message to him on Saturday night, that if he dared to appear in the pulpit of the cathedral tomorrow, he would cause his soldiers to shoot him dead. The lords, having consulted, agreed that Knox should forego the idea of preaching. The resolution seemed a prudent one. The dispositions of the townspeople were unknown; the lords had but few retainers with them; the queen, with her French army, was not more than fifteen miles off; and to preach might be to give the signal for bloodshed. Knox, who felt that to abandon a great design when the moment for putting it in execution had arrived, and retire before an angry threat, was to incur the loss of prestige, and invite greater attacks in future, refused for one moment to entertain the idea of not preaching. He said that when lying out in the Bay of St. Andrews in former years, chained to the deck of a French galley, his eye had lighted on the roof of the cathedral, which the sun’s rays at that moment illuminated, and he said in the hearing of some still alive, that he felt assured that he should yet preach there before closing his career; and now when God, contrary to the expectations of all men, had brought him back to this city, he besought them not to hinder what was not only his cherished wish, but the deep-rooted conviction of his heart. He desired neither the hand nor weapon of man to defend him; He whose glory he sought would be his shield. "I only crave audience," said he, "which, if it be denied here unto me at this time, I must seek where I may have it." [Laing, Knox, vol. i, pp. 347-340.]

The intrepidity of Knox saved the Reformation from the brand of timidity which the counsel of the lords, had it been followed, would have brought upon it. It was a display of courage at the right time, and was rewarded with a career of success. On the morrow Knox preached to perhaps the most influential audience that the Scotland of that day could furnish; nobles, priests, and townspeople crowding to hear him. Every part of the vast edifice was filled, and not a finger was lifted, nor a word uttered, to stop him. He preached on the cleansing of the Temple of old, picturing the crowd of buyers and sellers who were busy trafficking in that holy place, when One entered, whose awful glance, rather than the scourge of cords which he carried, smote with terror the unholy crew, and drove them forth a panic-stricken crowd. The preacher then called up before his hearers a yet greater crowd of traffickers, occupied in a yet unholier merchandise, therewith defiling, with immeasurably greater pollutions and abominations, the New Testament temple. As he described the corruptions which had been introduced into the Church under the Papacy — the great crowd of simonists, pardon-mongers, sellers of relics and charms, exorcists, and traffickers in the bodies and souls of men, with the sin and shame and ruin that followed — his eye began to burn, his words grew graphic and trenchant, the tones of his righteous yet terrible reproof rung out louder and fiercer, and rolled over the heads of the thousands gathered around him, till not a heart but quailed under the solemn denunciations. It seemed as if past ages were coming up for trial; as if mitred abbots and bishops were leaving their marble tombs to stand at the judgment-seat; as if the voices of Hamilton, and Wishart, and Mill — no, as if the voice of a yet Greater were making itself audible by the lips of the preacher. The audience saw as they had never done before the superstitions which had been practised as religion, and felt the duty to comply with the call which the Reformer urged on all, according to the station and opportunity of each, to assist in removing these abominations out of the Church of God before the fire of the Divine wrath should descend and consume what man refused to put away. When he had ended, and sat down, it may be said that Scotland was reformed.

 *   *   *

So far this quote. I was tempted to also quote from page 509, but believe everybody should get the books and read them all the way. You can hardly do yourself and your descendants a greater favour, and you will hardly receive a "greater joy."

I also was planning write more about the Luther books but that will have to wait till the next NGJ letter. By that time it will be too late for the reader to get the best price on The History of Protestantism.

September 2017:

Before I draw your attention to four new books by Deborah Alcock I invite you to read one of the very interesting responses we had to our last email about the New hard cover edition of J.A. Wylie's History of Protestantism:

GMC wrote:

 That is encouraging to know, I came across this set many years ago in both a two and three volume set, both the same contents, I reprinted them in 1985 and again in1991 but was not able to reprint after that.

We launched the reprint in 1985 in the martyrs memorial Free Presbyterian Church Belfast and sold nearly 100 sets. During his sermon Dr Paisley said, "I recall as a boy of six my father taking me into his study and pulling out these great volumes, and saying: Son you can’t read them now but I want you to look at the pictures. As I looked through those pages and saw the Martyrs at the stake, the burning of the Bibles, the torture chambers of the inquisition, the Reformers preaching the Word and sealing their testimony with their life’s blood, there started in my heart a holy hatred of the pernicious system of Romanism-a system which takes away man’s right of free access to God, and robs him of the free gift of God’s salvation, which is without money and without price. Rome would pile obstacles in the way of direct contact between the souls of men and God. Thank God we need neither priest or pope, saints or beads, for Jesus Christ is the only Mediator between God and men……."

"These are not dry, historical volumes- the Reformers step right out of the pages and you feel you want to shake hands with Martin Luther and stroke John Knox’s beard, as they fearlessly and earnestly contend for the faith."

I trust you have the same response as we had 32 years ago.

So far the email we received. Thank you Mr. GMC!

Do yourself, your children, and your grandchildren a great service and order these books for them!

The special price will expire before you know it!

* * *

We are pleased to announce

four new books

of Deborah Alcock in the Reformation Trail Series, three of them about Scotland. The fourth is about South America.

Please check

August, 2017:

The greatest monument of the Reformation is J.A. Wylie’s History of Protestantism. It is like a story bible on Church History. It was originally published in the 19th century with hundreds of beautiful illustrations (which children will love to colour!).

We have been working hard to get it back in print before October 31, 2017. However, since we are slightly updating the language it will D.V. be January 2018 before it is printed.

This is a book that fathers (and mothers) will love to read to their children for at least three reasons:

1. It is captivating.

2. It stimulates him in his service to God.

3. Children age 6 and up will also enjoy it very much.

Save 33% or more by ordering before October 31, 2017.Get free shipping if you order 3 or more sets .

Order 10 sets and you will get an additional set free of charge.

Talk to your friends, forward this email to them, or put these books on your facebook page.

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(just like book stores and other retail outlets).



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