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  • Inheritance Publications is a small company which was established to provide Biblical Reformed literature. We want to maintain the antithesis between right and wrong, between true and false christianity. It is also our desire to give God the honour and glory due to His Name because of His faithfulness. Remembering the great deeds of God in the history of His Church will always cause God's children to stand in awe of His Majesty. It is our aim to reach children, young adults, and adults with stories about the history of the Church. We also provide a wide selection of books on the doctrine of the Church. May God's Name be glorified and the readers edified by the reading of our books.
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  • Reformed Churches have sung the Psalms for centuries. But what about the place of hymns in the worship services? Van der Waal shows from Holy Scripture and history what criteria churches should use for the Song of the Church. A must read for everyone who loves the Church of Christ and desires to do His will also in singing to the glory of His Name.
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  • Hal Lindsey uses Biblical prophecy to open a supermarket, writes the author, a supermarket in which he sells inside information about the near future, especially World War III. The source of his information are the books of Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, and Matthew 24. Come, buy and read! Dr. Van der Waal not only analyzes Lindsey's weaknesses and mistakes, he also lays down basic guidelines for reading Biblical prophecy - especially the book of Revelation.
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  • The Book of Job has its own peculiar and important place in the whole of God’s revelation. "I am the Lord" is what one could write above the whole book. The echoes of this "I am the Lord" can be found in the manoeuvring of devils and in the lives of the people we meet there. We need to know about this; we need to know about the Lord, and we need to know about the life of mankind.
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  • The Belgic Confession is a Reformed Confession, dating from the 16th Century, written by Guido de Brès, a preacher in the Reformed Churches of The Netherlands. The great synod of Dort in 1618-19 adopted this Confession as one of the doctrinal standards of the Reformed Churches, to which all office-bearers of the Churches were (and still are) to subscribe. This book provides and explains the Scriptural proof texts for the Belgic Confession by using the marginal notes of the Dutch Staten Bijbel. The Staten Bijbel is a Dutch translation of the Bible, by order of the States General of the United Netherlands, in accordance with a decree of the Synod of Dort. It was first published in 1637 and included 'new explanations of difficult passages and annotations to comparative texts.'
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  • The author deals with the history of the Book of Praise, Anglo-Genevan Psalter and with the history of Reformed Psalters and liturgies from the early church till today.
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  • True-Faith.html
  • Where-Everything-Points-to-Him.html
  • Always-Obedient.html
  • This is a careful and fresh study of Calvin’s Commentaries, Institutes, Sermons, and Tracts designed to meet the practical needs of those who wish clarification of the doctrines which lie behind traditional Reformed church practice. The book is also valuable for the insight it gives into Calvin’s method of interpreting Scripture, especially the Old Testament.
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  • All the commands and prohibitions of the Decalogue flow out of the covenant relation: "I am the Lord your God." That is the prologue to the entire law (Calvin). God thereby declares that He is the God of the Church. In light of these words the Reformer of Geneva expounds both the Ten Commandments as well as the summary of the law. For Calvin the law is the law of the covenant of grace. It is a confirmation of the covenant made with Abraham. Even though the law serves to bring out transgressions (Galatians 3:19) it is clothed with the covenant of grace (the covenant of God's gracious acceptance).
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  • This page has all the historical fiction novels listed in chronological order.
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  • Bible Stories are written to tell about the holy things, in plain, clear, almost simple language, which still must never profane the consecrated happenings.
  • The story takes place around the time of Jesus' birth. It is written by someone who has done his research about the times between the Old and New Testament period. The author informs you in an easy style about the period of the Maccabees. . . Van Reest is a good storyteller. His love for the Bible and biblical times is evident from the start. He shows a good knowledge of the customs and mannerisms in Israel. Many fine details add to the quality of the book. You will be enriched in your understanding of the ways in the Old Testament.
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  • The history of the Church in A.D. 64 is written with blood and tears. This book, based on historical facts, relates what happened in Rome in the summer of that year. It is a gripping chronicle. In the story we meet Quintus, the central character. He is a typical Roman boy, who through a number of ordeals experiences the grace of God.
  • Coronation Of Glory is a story, exciting as it is true, that gives us godly perspective amid real or perceived injustice, and teaches us about important history within a compelling setting. It is an excellent book for young people and adults."
  • Farrier-of-Buda.html
  • An historical novel in which the whole story of Cromwell's dealings with Parliament and the King is played out. It is written with dignity and conviction, and with the author's characteristic power of grasping the essential details needed to supply colour and atmosphere for the reader of the standard histories.
  • Eleonore, Lady of Castle Bretten, has been alienated from her friends and allies by false rumours spread by her nephew, General Lucas von Ruprecht, Count of Zamosc. When Guido, a young Protestant, comes to live at the castle, he wins the love and trust of Lady Eleonore and Felix, the General’s son. With lots of excitement and action Guido and Felix uncover a plot to gain control of the castle.
  • Even though the Scottish covenanters endured harsh persecutions by the King’s Inquisition the mysterious name of the Black Avenger sent thrills of hope and courage to many a tormented soul. Yet the captains and dragoons feared this elusive figure while at the same time determining to place his head on the Netherbow. Many faithful Presbyterians were murdered on the spot or threatened with a touch of the thumbscrew or a place on the rack if they did not disclose the hiding place of some sought-out Covenanters.
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  • Salt-in-His-Blood.html
  • John Calvin comes alive as the author brings imagination as well as research to bear upon her subject. Her portrayal of the Genevan reformer is both appealing and honest. From this account, Calvin no longer is seen merely as "carved like a monument in the panorama of human history," but has become vivid, lifelike, and real. This is biography at its best.
  • From the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation came two outstanding statements of faith: The Heidelberg Catechism (1563) and the Belgic Confession (1561). The stories behind these two historic documents are in this small book.
  • An amazingly true story about a surprise attack by the Spanish army on Sluis, a small city in a southern coastal province of The Low Countries, now known as The Netherlands. The Dutch fought for their freedom from Spain in an eighty-year war, from 1568 to 1648. The surprise attack on Sluis is part of that war.
  • During the late sixteenth century the Reformation was sweeping across Europe. As the Bible became a loved book by the common man, many people questioned the beliefs and practices of the Roman Catholic Church at the perils of their lives. By torture and cruel deaths the priests attempted to return these “rebels” to the church.In the midst of this battle Guido de Bres lived as he died — trusting God and keeping the faith.Nearly five hundred years have passed since he was born, but the confession of faith written by Guido de Bres — a wonderful summary of God’s Word — continues to live on in the lives of Reformed people around the world.This book, written by one of his descendants, is about Guido de Bres. It describes the time in which he lived, and the confession of faith God allowed him to write.Though intended for older children it also will be enjoyed by adults.
  • The life of William III, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of the United Netherlands, and King of England (with Queen Mary II) is one of the most fascinating in all of history. Both the author and the publisher of these books have been interested in this subject for many years. Although the stories as told in these books are partly fictional, all the main events are faithful to history.
  • Indians, Frenchmen, Englishmen, wars, strained friendships, and romance are all interwoven in Eliza Pollard’s fast paced historical novel. When Charles Langlade deserted his birth place in upper Canada to marry an Indian squaw and then to fight with his Indian tribe for the French against the English, he also lost his best friend, Roger Boscowen, who led his rangers for the English against the French. Meanwhile the historically famous General Louis de Montcalm entered Canada on behalf of the French and things took a turn in favour for the French due to the help of Langlade. But would the jealous government of French Canada succeed in using De Montcalm’s daughter Mercedes — who had come with her father from France with the intention to enter a Canadian convent — to destroy Montcalm’s fame?
  • Servant-of-Slaves.html
  • Soldier-of-Virginia.html
  • With-Wolfe-in-Canada.html
  • A series on the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa by Lawrence Penning, 1899-1902.
  • Set in Leningrad during the dreadful 500 days in 1942-43 when it lay under siege by the German army, Boris is the story of a courageous boy who faces the bitter life-and-death realities of war and human survival, and, with a growing sense of compassion for all mankind, looks hopefully toward the future when all men can lay down their arms and embrace one another as brothers.
  • In-This-Hour.html
  • It-Began-With-a-Parachute.html
  • After the Second World War, Anne De Vries, one of the most popular novelists in The Netherlands, was commissioned to capture in literary form the spirit and agony of those five harrowing years of Nazi occupation. The result was Journey Through the Night, a four volume bestseller that has gone through more than thirty printings in The Netherlands.
  • My-Path-to-Liberation.html
  • Precious-Memories.html
  • Klaas Schilder is remembered both for his courageous stand in opposition to Nazism, which led to his imprisonment three months after the Nazis overran The Netherlands in 1940, and for his role in the Church struggle in The Netherlands, which culminated in 1944 with the suspension of scores of office-bearers and the formation of the liberated Reformed Churches.
  • One of the most exciting series of a master story teller (Piet Prins) about the German occupation of The Netherlands during the emotional time of the Second World War (1940-1945).
  • In the concentration camp of Dachau the God of all grace did wonders of grace by His Word and Spirit every day. Oh, it was indeed a dreadful time for me that I spent there, and yet it is not at all a hollow phrase when I say that I would for no amount of money have missed this time of my life, since it was so unspeakably rich in grace. I saw God there. The Lord was in this place. It was a house of God and a gate of heaven.
  • Reminiscent of W.G. VandeHulst, these books are sure to endear itself to parents as well as to young children. Most certainly recommended. All the books in the Golden Inheritance Series are independent stories written by authors of the nineteenth century for children and adults of all ages.
  • He-Gathers-the-Lambs.html
  • A series of readers by Piet Prins used in the Netherlands for the first grades.
  • Jim-Craig's-Battle-for-Black-Rock.html
  • Judys-Own-Pet-Kitten.html
  • Least-of-All-Saints.html
  • Afghanistan! To many an uncivilized land of terror and hatred. To others a land of intrigue and adventure. A land where few dare to tread. Go with Walter Gurney, the seventeen-year-old orphan son of a British missionary in India, who, after meeting handsome, boastful Dermot Denis, joined him on a trip into Afghanistan. Negating the danger of such a perilous trip, Walter eased his conscience with the thought of evangelizing. Infected with the exultation of his companion, nothing for the time seemed more enjoyable than this wild foray into a dangerous land. Yet within a few days they were surprised by a brutal group of Pathan Afghans. Despite his companion’s ridicule and the danger lurking in his path Walter knew that nothing could separate him from the love of Christ. God’s will always comes to pass and as God’s child he was safe in the arms of his Saviour. Will Walter be able to hold on to this faith when pressed by a Moslem Holy man? Will Sultána, the daughter of the chief, be able to help him and her people in the Eagle’s Nest? Witness with Walter the blessings of God in bringing His Gospel to hungry hearts in ways unimaginable by men.
  • More-About-Gods-Wonderful-World.html
  • No-More-Singing.html
  • Nobodys-Boy-and-Girl.html
  • Scout-series.html
  • Sheltie-series.html
  • Once again Piet Prins has given us an outstanding novel. Follow Stefan’s adventure as he runs away from his cruel uncle the cobbler and joins the men aboard the whaling ship the Sea Dragon. Hunting whales, encountering ferocious polar bears, storms and fog, dealing with sickness and hunger, floating adrift and shipwreck, all become part of Stefan Derksen’s polar adventure. It is an adventure full of distress and surprise. Will Stefan ever return home to his mother?
  • Stories-Children-Love.html
  • Little Susanneke is happy! Tomorrow is Christmas. And Daddy has cleaned the church. But did he forget something? When it is her birthday Mommy always decorates the livingroom. And actually they will celebrate the Lord Jesus' birthday tomorrow. But the church isn't decorated at all. Could the big people have forgotten it? That is sad for the Lord. He loves us so much and now no one has thought about decorating the church for Him. She has to think about that for a moment. What should she do?
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  • Wambu-series.html
  • Winterflight.html


Thank you for your prompt service. My 13yr old and 10yr old sons enjoyed the first 3 books immensely (Scout). I just read "Secret of the Swamp" for the 3rd time to my 10yr old. He can't get enough of Scout. Thanks again, L.C.