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One of the best Dutch authors was Nicolaas Heiner. He wrote many stories for boys (age 9-14) under the pen-names of H. Te Merwe and H. Henszen Veenland. As a boy my favourite was Pelsjagers en Gouddelvers (Hunters of Fur and Miners of Gold). Lately, I found even better ones. It was the book Geuzenpioniers (Pioneer Beggars), as fascinating as the best of Piet Prins, that caused me to read many of his books in lieu of publishing the very best ones. The first one, The Huguenot’s Family, is now in print. The e-book and the audio book read by Maddie Desmond are available as well.


Time: 1685-1695 Age: 12-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-095-0 Can$16.95


Audio book read by Maddie Desmond

Audio Book 4CDs ISBN 978-1-77298-112-4 (IP18645) Can$34.95


CDMP3 ISBN 978-1-77298-113-1 (IP18644) Can$24.95


More than 10 years ago my daughter, Paulina, translated The Poacher of Heusden by P. De Zeeuw (the author of our #1 best seller, Augustine, the Farmer’s Boy of Tagaste — about 19,000 copies sold).

This is a story of 1593 in The Netherlands for age 9-99!


Time: 1593 Age: 9-99

ISBN 978-0-921100-55-3 Can$12.95



We have not published many (non historical) novels in the past ten years but are pleased to announce two of the very best for older teenagers and adults in the Emerald Inheritance Series.


David Lloyd’s Last Will by Hesba Stretton

Emerald Inheritance Series #1

The group of waiting, venerating teachers gathered eagerly around Mark Fletcher as he entered his private room, and one after another, with almost impatient haste, claimed his attention to themselves.

"I wish you would speak to Ann Maudsley," said one, with a discontented air; "she is above my hand. You know the girl? With red hair, and a wild, sulky look."

"I know her well," answered Mark, "and I will talk to her. She is a poor, desolate creature, with a harsh stepmother at home. If you can win her you will gain a triumph indeed. You will have patience with her still, I am sure."

The quiet smile with which he spoke received an answering smile.

"Mr. Fletcher," said another, "three more of my girls are out of work now. The mill stopped last week."

"What are their names?" he inquired.

"Alice and Charlotte Crocker, and Mary Fairclough," was the answer.

"They have a little money in our savings bank," replied Mark with a wonderful power of memory; "when that is gone, we will see what can be done."

"It is very hard work," said the young teacher sighing, heavily.

"Very hard," answered Mark, with a light in his eyes which made her downcast face brighter, "yet we know One whose whole life’s work was far harder."

Subject: Fiction Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-087-5 (IP 04254) Can$25.95


The second book has become famous because it played a role in the conversion of Abraham Kuyper:

The Heir of Redclyffe by Charlotte M. Yonge

Emerald Inheritance Series #2

"There’s a regular brick for you!" cried Charles, delighted.

"His heart was set on training these birds. He turned the library upside down in search of books on falconry and spent every spare moment on them. At last, a servant left some door open, and they escaped. I shall never forget Guy’s passion; I am sure I don’t exaggerate when I say he was perfectly beside himself with anger."

"Poor boy!" said Mrs. Edmonstone.

"Served the rascal right," said Charles.

"Nothing had any effect on him till his grandfather came out, and, at the sight of him, he was tamed in an instant, hung his head, came up to his grandfather, and said — ‘I am very sorry.’ Sir Guy answered, ‘My poor boy!’ and there was not another word. I saw Guy no more that day, and all the next he was quiet and subdued. But the most remarkable part of the story is to come. A couple of days afterwards we were walking in the woods, when, at the sound of Guy’s whistle, we heard a flapping and rustling, and beheld, tumbling along, with their clipped wings, these two identical hawks, very glad to be caught. They drew themselves up proudly for him to stroke them, and their yellow eyes looked at him with positive affection."

"Pretty creatures!" said Amabel. "That is a very nice end to the story."

"It is not the end," said Philip. "I was surprised to see Guy so sober, instead of going into one of his usual raptures . . ."

Subject: Fiction Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-928136-79-8 (IP 15064) Can$47.95


We are also pleased to present a new book in the WWII Memorial Series. Alongside the accounts of European countries comes this unforgettable story about Korea:

For a Testimony by Bruce F. Hunt

A Story of Korea in World War II

WWII Memorial Series 7

Bruce Hunt (1903-1992), an American Presbyterian missionary working among Koreans, narrated his experiences in Manchuria during the Second World War, when he was imprisoned by the invading Japanese. Maltreated, half-starved, tormented, released, re-arrested, cast greatly upon God he was brought through to the praise of divine grace. But what inspires the reader is the author’s burden for the Korean Christians, who loved not their lives unto death. The account of their consistency under persecution is a great encouragement to missionary endeavour.

Edward J. Young of Westminster Seminary wrote: "The Rev. Bruce F. Hunt is a highly respected missionary of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Born in Korea, he has spent practically his entire life in that country preaching the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ. His devoted labours have been deeply blessed of God. In the present book his love to Christ shines forth on every page. This is not an ordinary book but here is the fascinating account of one who, even in severe trial, was faithful to his Lord. It is a book that all Christians should read, and if non-Christians would read it, they might come to understand the secret of such a life."

Time: 1940-1960 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-082-0 (IP 17019) Can$17.95


Originally written 30 years ago, When the Wicked Seize a City by Chuck McIlhenny is a gripping true account (very timely for today!!!) of what happened to a faithful minister in San Francisco.

When the Wicked Seize a City by Chuck Mcllhenny

"The house is on fire!"

A highly publicized lawsuit . . . a house firebombed in the night . . . the shatter of windows smashed by politically (and wickedly) motivated vandals cuts into the night . . .

All because Chuck Mcllhenny voiced God’s condemnation of a behavior and life-style and protested the destruction of society that results from its practice. That behavior is homosexuality, and that life-style is the gay culture. He was subsequently hounded and terrorized in his own town.

This book explores the rise of gay power and what it will mean if Christians do not organize and prepare for the battle.

• "Chuck Mcllhenny is a dangerous man. If we had 10,000 more like him, America might experience a revival instead of suffering a moral decline. It is a call to arms for the rest of us." —Cal Thomas

• "Chuck and Donna Mcllhenny’s stand for freedom is a real example to those who find themselves up against the law . . . I was glad I had a small part in helping this man during his trial by fire. —John W. Whitehead

Chuck and Donna Mcllhenny continue to serve at the First Orthodox Presbyterian Church in San Francisco where Chuck is the pastor. Frank York is a freelance writer and editor in Nashville, Tennessee.

Time: 1983-1991 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-109-4 (IP 18725) Can$18.95


Pre-Order the HARD COVER EDITION IN 4 VOLUMES and save:

Exploring the Canadian Frontier by David Thompson

Journeys of David Thompson (1784-1812)

Edited by Joseph B. Tyrell

David Thompson was in my opinion the greatest Canadian. That was only possible because of his faith in God. Actually he wrote this book himself, though the first 100 pages — an overview of Thompson’s life and itinerary, are by the editor, Joseph B. Tyrell.

Thompson wrote: I was obliged to take two kegs of alcohol, overruled by my partners, for I had made it a law to myself, that no alcohol should pass the mountains in my company, and thus be clear of the sad sight of drunkenness, and its many evils. But these gentlemen insisted upon alcohol being the most profitable article that could be taken for the Indian trade. In this I knew they had miscalculated. Accordingly when we came to the defiles of the mountains, I placed the two kegs of alcohol on a vicious horse, and by noon the kegs were empty, and in pieces, the horse rubbing his load against the rocks to get rid of it. I wrote to my partners what I had done; and that I would do the same to every keg of alcohol, and for the next six years that I had charge of the fur trade on the west side of the mountains, no further attempt was made to introduce spirituous liquors.

If enough PRE-PUBLICATION sets are sold the books will be printed in hard cover! Please order your set now!

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Two paperback editions are available:

The one volume edition of 768 pages


ISBN 978-1-77298-097-4 Can$ 55.95




Four volumes of 192 pages each Can21.95.

Set of 4 classic hard cover (or paperback*) Can$85.95 (Available D.V. in May 2023)


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*) If we do not get enough orders to justify a hard cover print run, we plan to ship paperback editions in April 2022.

You can also order the paperback editions (available now):


Vol. 1 ISBN 978-1-77298-098-1 Can$ 21.95

Vol. 2 ISBN 978-1-77298-099-8 Can$ 21.95

Vol. 3 ISBN 978-1-77298-100-1 Can$ 21.95

Vol. 4 ISBN 978-1-77298-101-4 Can$ 21.95

Set of all 4 in paperback (available now) Can$ 73.95




My Life as Peasant, Officer, and Exile

by Maria Botchkareva

Commander of the Russian Women’s Battalion of Death

As set down by Isaac Don Levine

WWI Memorial Series 1


A gripping true story of what happened in Russia in the second decade of the 20th century.

In 2020 I came across a Dutch translation of this book, published by the renowned (music) publisher Boeijenga in Sneek — a guaranty that it is a good book! I was happy to find an original English edition and was not disappointed. A very timely, important book!


One morning I went to the post office to ask for mail.

"There goes Botchkareva!" I heard a man cry out.

"Ah, Botchkareva! She is for the old regime!" another fellow replied, apparently one of the Bolshevik soldiers.

There were several of them and they flung threats and insults at me. I did not reply but returned home with a heavy heart. Even in my own town I was not safe.

"My Lord," I prayed, "what has come over the Russian people? Is this my reward for the sacrifices I have made for my country?"

I resolved not to leave the house again. Surely this craze would not last long, I thought. I spent most of the day reading the Bible and praying to Heaven for the awakening and enlightenment of my people.

On the 7th of January, 1918, I received a telegram from Petrograd, signed by General X. It read: "Come. You are needed."

Time: 1910-1918 Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-107-0 Can$27.95


Vol. 6 & 7 of The Dort Study Bible will, the Lord willing, be printed in April 2022. Please browse through our What’s New Page on our OLD (still up to date - but not searchable) website.



Important News about The Dort Study Bible

After nearly twelve years since the publication of vol. 5 we are very happy to announce that volumes 6 & 7 of the Dort Study Bible will be published, the Lord willing, in February 2023.

We are planning to deliver the new volumes to most book club members (and visit many people who have bought a volume in the past) in 2022. If you have moved in the past 15 years, please email YOUR new STREET ADDRESS to !

The subscription price of $20.00 per volume will still be in effect for everyone who obtained or obtains all volumes. Yet, the regular price for all volumes has to be increased. These books are the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFTS for everyone of your descendants. Anyone interested in one or more volumes, and willing to wait about 6 months for delivery may order them at $20.00 and free shipping via the shopping cart buttons on our website. If we do expect not to deliver them within that time frame, we plan to ship them at our expense.

To be published, the Lord willing, in February 2023:

Vol. 6 Psalms - Proverbs ISBN 978-1-894666-56-9 Can$31.95

Vol. 7 Ecclesiastes - Isaiah ISBN 978-1-894666-57-5 Can$31.95


We are very pleased to have our work bring forth fruit in other countries. Rev. Bill Green in Costa Rica has been very instrumental in publishing Los Hermanos Espa oles por Deborah Alcock, the Spanish translation of The Spanish Brothers & Guillermo De Orange El Principe Taciturno por W.G. Van de Hulst, the Spanish translation of William of Orange, The Silent Prince.


Also available from I.P. (Inheritance Publications) in North America!




Recently we republished The Church Order Commentary (1941) by Idzerd Van Dellen & Martin Monsma (both in print and on e-book) and have begun the completion of a Dutch project from the 1940s and 1950s in the series For Word and Church by Klaas Schilder (we published vol. 1-4 in English in 2019), especially with an eye to translate the best articles of Schilder into English. The four volumes in Dutch, published in 1948-1953, have been widely circulated and we have some used copies for sale. These volumes are a good sample of the general scholarly work of Schilder.

When Rev. Stienstra finished translating these books, I compiled a Dutch vol. 5 with mostly Press Review articles from 1924 and asked him to translate those. To my great joy he translated most of the articles which we hope to publish next year.

In the meantime, I compiled all the Press Review articles from 1925 (and also some other articles) for vol. 6 for Rev. Stienstra and decided to publish both Dutch volumes (5 & 6 in print & e-book for the general public as well. These articles were very popular, dealing with all kinds of things in a fascinating manner — the best way to learn about things going on in the church and the world in the 1920s, and caused thousands of people to subscribe to De Reformatie. They are excellent gifts for parents and grandparents in the American and Canadian Dutch communities. (After I wrote the above some months ago, Rev. Stienstra surprised me again by having translated vol. 6 — sorry we have not had the time yet to edit both vol. 5 & 6 but are nearly finished supplying him with vol. 7 in Dutch, which will, the Lord willing, soon be in print in Dutch as well. Schilder’s writing was also written {nearly one hundred years ago} for today — it was a great joy to present the Dutch volume 6 to my son the other day, with the "secret" wish that he would read and record it for me so that it will help me to edit the English translation).

Om Woord En Kerk deel 5 door Klaas Schilder

Persschouw artikels 1924




Om Woord En Kerk deel 5 door Klaas Schilder

Persschouw artikels 1924

For all the contents visit


Ter Rechter Tijd 9

Alice Nahon 14

Praktisch Christendom 25

Ook Zelfontwikkeling 27

Vaccinatie-rumoer 28

Domineeskinderen 38

Stigmatisatie?? 39

"Radio-gevaren" En Koster-oogen 75

Nederland En Het Zionisme 79

Op Den Uitkijk Binnen Onze Grenzen 6 243


Subject: Persschouw Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-102-5 (IP 18429) Can$34.95


For all the contents visit



Om Woord En Kerk deel 6 door Klaas Schilder

Persschouw artikels 1925

For all the contents visit


De Plompe Noordling 15

Over Keizer Augustus 16

Wat Is Syncretisme 18

De Zwijgende Vrouwen 20

De Gemeene Gratie 1 31

Over Geerten Gossaert 40

De Brochure Van Prof. Ridderbos 278

Waar Is Het Woud 279

De Taak Der Synode 279

Van Ossen 280

Subject: Persschouw Age: 14-99

ISBN 978-1-77298-103-2 (IP 18618) Can$34.95


I am now looking forward to six months of hard, yet very rewarding, work on the Dort Study Bible. In order to make that financially possible, please keep ordering our great books.

For these and about twenty other new titles in print, audio books, and e-books please click


There is no better present for birthdays than good books.


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